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alfheim online has no lvl as other mmo the only thing that counts is the player skill and experience, so in that regard is more than normal that kirito can own veteran players at pvp, after all he was able to spar with suguha on even grounds skill-wise

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    the only reason why the ps3 didn’t had a hack past the 3.65 is because the main guy behind it is working now for facebook and i am pretty sure that somewhere on his contract must be a clause that forces him to not release anymore updates for it. as for why mod your ps3 one of the most simple and legal reason for it was in order to have a backup copy of any game you had this is legal as long you own the original, several people did this with the playstation and PS2 to protect the original game …

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    well from my P.O.V. all the opinions of the SAO haters means shit i am enjoying it and that is all that matter for me.

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    i have read the novles and as far i can tell is a quite a decent adaptation of then, i still wonder why people talks about fanservice and all that other crap well if you wanna know what happens next go read the novels

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    she was only the vanguard wait until the main force comes..


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