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Sinonon’s ALO avatar is cute. Hands down.

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  • Sword Art Online: Leafa > Asuna:
    Problem: They cannot fly in that cave. Game restriction. It was already stated in the previous episode. And the slab completely covered the door so no dice for running away. Jumping is a possibility, but he got blasted with the spells out of the air. The real reason? Plot device.

  • Sword Art Online: Leafa > Asuna:
    You assume correct. There was, and is currently only ONE reason Kirito is in ALO. And that is Asuna. When he gets to the world tree, you’ll see just how bad he has it.

  • Sword Art Online: Leafa > Asuna:
    In that game, you get the items of whomever you kill. If they’re wearing really good stuff, well too bad for them. Since they were a PK group, it’s assumed (confirmed in the LN’s) that the stuff Kirito got from them was worth a LOT of money relatively. Going by the LN, it was enough for the guy who got it to buy a house in-game.

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