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You sound like you’re in a mental house…

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  • Little Busters! Depressingly Good:
    Little bustards – shit. Clannad – Winrar.

  • Little Busters! Depressingly Good:
    Do it immediately. As far as total 6 episodes, it hs been acknowledged that J.C has tried all its best to do it well. Of course it has earned the admision from those strict fans of original game. Now what we need to do is adapting to a new period for key without Kyoani. Koani in today has been totally different from that in 2007 or earlier.

  • Little Busters! Depressingly Good:
    Hmmm. So far, JC is cutting alot of corners with the humor. Komaris route seems very.. forced. Its being too 1-1 with the Visual Novel. It’s okay in its own sense, and it definitely will get alot better as most all of Keys works do, but I definitely don’t see this doing the game justice.

  • Little Busters! Depressingly Good:
    Manly tears were shed that day :’(

  • Little Busters! Depressingly Good:
    Eroge? The original was All Ages.

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