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“Says the Crazy-Fat-Guy, dressed as a yellow butterfly…..”

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  • Sailor Moon Sanitary Pads “In The Name of The Moon!”:
    It’s not a Japanese product unless theres a vibrator in them.

  • The Orc Who Keeps An Elf Extreme Elf Violation Eroge:
    It’s not rape if it’s an elf/ Conversely, it’s not rap unless it’s a dark elf.

  • Boruto -Naruto The Movie- CMs Family-Centric:
    Well Naruto may care for children of the village as he should he is Hokage and all) I’ve seen nothing that points to that he doesn’t care about his own children just as much. Bolt is just a brat who doesn’t understand his dad has a job to do. At least Naruto didn’t take the “Bad dad crown” away from Goku like Sasuke did. Sasuke is never around. At least Goku had an excuse of being dead or otherwise indisposed as to why he wasn’t around

  • Sakura Kinomoto Seifuku Figure:
    I hate you sankaku complex!, I had almost forgotten the obnoxious spanish dub for kero but you made me remember. I don’t understand why every character on the series sounded like european spanish people but kero sounded like a retarded mexican. If he had sounded like a regular mexican I wouldn’t have any problem with that; but they made him sound totally retarded. I can’t get his damn voice out of my head!

  • Sailor Moon Sanitary Pads “In The Name of The Moon!”:
    Another reason why Cardcaptor Sakura is better than sailor poon. CCS came out with an adorable and accurate poseable figure of Sakura Kinomoto, while SM comes out with female diapers with the shitty new art of the remake plastered on the box. CCS doesn’t have a million bitchy fans on tumblr either.


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