Comment on Azusa Nakano’s Birthday Stokes Otaku Frenzy by Anonymous:

When you wish someone “a happy birthday,” you do it to make them feel special. Loved. Cared for. Whichever. You do it and they normally respond in kind because they *usually* have some sort of friendship going with you and value your being in some way.

Cartoons do *NONE* of this. They sit there. Unassuming. Unfeeling. Incapable in independent or SENTIENT thought.

So why, WHY do people continue to wish these “things” a “happy birthday” when the feeling will never be reciprocated?

Heyyyy you baked a cake for that character on your lcd screen. TOO BAD SHE CAN’T FRIGGIN’ EAT IT DUE TO NOT BEING ALIVE.


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