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“You can enjoy it , love it but have the sincerity and objectivity to accept moe and kyoani dont mean = “best ever” “masterpiece” ”

Objectivity has nothing to do with this. There is no objective standard by which to EVER decide that one anime is “better” than another. What is “best” is inherently a subjective decision on the part of the individual.

So when a moe-lover says that they think moe is the “best ever” what they really are saying is that moe is best FOR THEM. When you (and so many others) say moe sucks, you mean moe is not the best FOR YOU.

All these lists and polls are simply opinion polls, with no objectivity present or implied.

So when I say that I find K-On to be the best anime that I have ever seen (and I’ve been around since the Dirty Pair days, son; no, the original ones), that is only my opinion, and you don’t need to take it as an attack on your own opinion. It’s perfectly okay if you don’t like it. But you don’t need to crap on those who do.

So let the Azu-nyan devotees have their fun. (Although I believe that Mugi-chan is clearly the better choice.) (that’s a *joke*, you know… remember what those are?)

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    The majority of the cast of Black Lagoon is still very much in the realm of possibility for Hollywood. The cast is diverse enough for that and the story is very much Tarantino, Woo or Bay-esque when it comes to hard boiled guns blazing action. I’m sure they’d find someone to play Revy.

  • Netflix Castlevania Producer: “Metroid is Next!”:
    Anime is a style of animation. Saying Frozen is anime is like saying One Punch Man is 3D Animation. And, well hate to be that guy, but Anime did take a lot from Disney so, you could say Frozen is a relative of anime. Freaking weebs man.

  • Netflix Castlevania Producer: “Metroid is Next!”:
    Actually, the definition of Anime is…as follows. “a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children.” So, the fact its made in Japan is not needed for an anime, its a style. So, if it takes from the style then you can consider it an anime. I love how so many weebs scoff at things like Castlevania and Avatar. Yet they consider fucking RWBY…made by Rooster Teeth an anime.

  • One Piece Live Action Hollywood TV Drama Due:
    I could see Chloe Bennet being a decent enough Revy.

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    The Vita does indeed have piracy. Although it was released when people didn’t care about the vita anymore.


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