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04:09 11/11/2012

ITS FUJIS TV TOP 50 not some fan or some rorums fans.

Nothing wrong haviong moe charactres there, some of us may not like it but they made their mark in anime history for good or bad.

Noe the issue here is that moe/fanservice lovers are NEVER onbective and will only rank their series targette at them as “best” “top” “masterpiece” “greatest”

This is one of the biggest issues with moe lovers, how many lists have we seen here when they rank the top best series/heroines, etc, etc, and they are only moe and fanservice series/characters listed?

When you have equal ground and take into account ALL fans and not just certain types, then you have balanced lists like FUJIS TV 50, theirs no WAY IN HELL Haruhi and K-ON, Madoka can as a series or characters can be top any objective ranks, that these series appear around the middle is fair enough sound extremely more real like labeling them automatically and blindly “best ever” in any ranks.

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