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Wrong guitar in pics 002-006 and 041-043. It must be a Fender Mustang. If she holds it, then you can add more guitars, if you want.

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  • Mangaka Pay Tribute to Kyushu:
    Thank you.

  • Muma Astacia Sultry Succubus Ero-Figure:
    Should not she have pink foldable wings beetween her thighs also, the bigger the better?

  • Mangaka Pay Tribute to Kyushu:
    Hearty sympathy art, but when did earthquakes happen? I haven`t seen anything in news, at leas in recent times.

  • Idol Gyakur*pe! Boasts Sex & Stardom:
    Nice game in vein i like, but if i don`t get kicked out, here is my OT: NAGI PROJECT has not released new game since last august. Does this mean they have released their last game? It was rumoured a couple of years ago for a game for their last, it should be that story from Aya Graffiti manga, about Aya and her Brother-in-law. Their Deep games has included already much ideas from that pioneer manga in Dai Manko genre. Has Inamura Nagi himself become tired, he is not very young you know? There …

  • Netorare Magical Girl Absurdly Cruel:
    This is not my kind of hentai. No more comments.


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