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How about a man who speaks of facts? Hell even japanese women in japan like korean guys because they have more backbone.

In Asia, japanese women are stereotyped as ‘asking to be raped’, ‘VERY easy’, ‘loose’, ‘good meat’. All thanks to shitty japanese AV exported by japanese themselves.

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    Now anime has oscar baits?

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    The fuck is that shit?!

  • Starbucks, Japanese Style:
    NO! Kick them off the cliffs these big nosed imperialists! Don’t drink their black poison or eat their junk food proud people of Japan! 万歳!!!

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    tfw you read the comment of a guy who probably bought video cards for 1000 every year when most people aren’t that stupid

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    Most of them look okay-ish. That you invest less on the countryside where fewer and fewer people live is normal. Even if it shouldn’t be that way in a first world country. What bugs me way more is how towns are build up in Japan. Streets, buildings, how the sidewalk suddenly ends…or isn’t even there. How can this be in a country where everything seems to be planned so carefully? It could be a cultural thing or effect of the earthquakes but I doubt japanese people wouldn’t be happy about good …


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