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But the people really in power aren’t those still alive anyway. When the worst comes to the worst, all the latter claim they can do is hone the fossilized barf of preconceptions built to guard foregone interests or make people unaware they’re just killing time. Or subtract from what’s already there.

I loved the LB scene where Masato and Riki ridicule the way history is being taught.

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  • Top 20 Anime Characters With The Cutest Accents:
    I should add there’s way more to it than that, but that’s one of the easiest patters to notice in someone speaking with a non-standard dialect.

  • Kantai Collection “Now With Rampant Nudity!”:
    Why does no one of the characters look like the originals from the cards they all look like slender tall lolis even the mature chars, this is stupid. and yes the censored nudity stuff is pathetic

  • Blue Star Ero-SFM Dripping With Yuri:
    Yup that’s Mass Effect characters design. Very typical western virtual girl design. They tried their utmost best to make the girls super ugly to please/not offend SJW, like half bald hair design, super thick and black make up with full tattoo, behave like on heavy drugs. No wonder in Mass Effect some the races going extinction, when the male see them they turn off immediately.

  • Final Fantasy XV EGX Footage Surfaces:
    Can’t wait until the reviews come out for this game and it ends up being another awful Final Fantasy game, despite them working on the game for a decade.

  • Kantai Collection “Now With Rampant Nudity!”:
    Not even worth looking at as it’s fucked up with white circles.. fuck the guy who wasted his time doing this as it’s worthless!


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