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I don’t understand why you are bring up the point of Malaysian sex slaves, in a thread topic that started with “Let’s end this bull shit”. Yes, I agree that we should learn from history, but I think it’s stupid to focus on the Imperial Japan as the only EVIL that existed in such manner. I am pretty sure our modern US military exhibit the SAME kind of actions (even in Politics), as well history have shown other countries doing it.

Am I endorsing it, no. What I am saying is that, stop singling out Japan.

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  • Free! Still Completely Rotten:
    It’s likely some autistic kid with a mancrush on the real Rift doing the name faking.

  • Free! Still Completely Rotten:
    Your Y key got stuck Sir.

  • AKB JK Cage Rape “Too Much For Golden Time”:
    Read the 3part series, “Idol Decay”. This is what it will end up as.

  • Free! Still Completely Rotten:
    Goddamnit SanCom, stop teasing, my backlog is long enough already!

  • AKB JK Cage Rape “Too Much For Golden Time”:
    Actually it’s not fiction this kind of thing happens very often in real life all over the world and people continue to stick their heads in the sand about it. Most large countries including “western” countries have between 5000-7000 women and girls kidnapped and sold in to sex slavery around the world a year. Works out to about 200,000 NEW sex slaves a year and chances are at least two girls you knew growing-up, went out with or had as a friend has been kidnapped and sold over seas somewhere. …


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