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Sounds like the Von Karajan and the Vienna Philharmonic.

My God I hear angels!!!!

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  • Goddess of 2ch: “Fabulous F-Cup!”:
    @ 07:19 Not disgusting at all. Have you ever noticed how much they look like orchids? You’ve never tasted and savored the sweet honey? That is truly sad.

  • Star Ocean 5 Censored: “No Sexualizing Underage Girls!”:
    They did the same thing with the western export version of the Xenosaga series. Remember how heavily censored the scenes with Albedo and Momo were and also the elimination of all the blood which made the cut scenes confusing. Censorship sucks.

  • McAnime Invades McDonald’s:
    @ Rawbeard 07:39 It has to do with McDonalds getting chicken McNuggets from a Chinese supplier who was using outdated chicken and was video taped by it’s own employees at the same plant picking chicken McNuggets off a dirty floor and putting back on the assembly line. Also in Fukushima an ice cream sunday was found to have pieces of plastic in it from a broken ice cream machine. McDonalds is now getting chicken from Thailand but the damage is already done with a sharp fall off in sales. There …

  • Osomatsu-san’s Iyami Takes The Mound:
    I think George “Sulu” Takei currently Asian social justice warrior would have a stroke if he ever saw Osomatsu-san throwing out a pitch at Dodger stadium. So self deprecatingly racist complete with over exaggerated buck teeth and slanting eyes. Apparently Japanese nationals aren’t as anal as Nisei George is.

  • China Elevator Woman “Starved To Death Over Month”:
    China still has delusions of being on a par technologically and professionally with Asian powerhouses like Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. What a joke. A nation of peasants run and controlled by peasants.


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