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Sounds like the Von Karajan and the Vienna Philharmonic.

My God I hear angels!!!!

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  • Huge Percival Bunny Figure:
    @ Cytryz Using real material never looks good. It doesn’t scale down well. Figures always look better if hose are painted on compared to miniature real ones . I remember some of my sisters Barbies had real stockings and those too looked like crap too.

  • Littlewitch Romanesque English Released:
    I believe it was CNN and fennazi reporter Kyung Lah that created the stink over the game Rape Lay several months after it was taken off the market just to stir up fake moral outrage in the US.

  • Final Fantasy XV Jump Festa Trailer “Actually Impressive”:
    @ Chen-04 I liked XIII and even it’s sequels. I practically live in XIV in my spare time. I’ve played them all including Tactics and loved them all in their own way. Keep them coming Sqeenix!!!!

  • Denki-gai no Honya-san Cosplay Chaos Anime:
    The facial expressions on that poor trapped salaryman stuck in the seat waiting to see if Sensei’s going to hurl. I laughed so hard and then when she ran into the turnstile at full speed! Fantastic! More please as 2nd season!

  • Final Fantasy XIV Enables Holy Matrimony:
    Wizards can finally find love and happiness!


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