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Sounds like the Von Karajan and the Vienna Philharmonic.

My God I hear angels!!!!

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  • Gakuen no Ikenie Shamelessly Grotesque:
    NVO! No Virgin Orifices!

  • YouTubers React to Final Fantasy VII Remake:
    @ Siveria Amen brother! I always thought Xenogears was the better game and really wish Square would do a PS4 HD version but keep the old soundtrack which is one the best ever composed. I still listen to it once a week while on the net.

  • Plump Pochaco Figure:
    @ 22:01 Plenty of fat everything in America bro. Fixed Even the pets are fat!

  • Plump Pochaco Figure:
    Because they smell bad when its hot and the sweat and dirt gets caked in the fat rolls. That’s why. Who’d want to fuck Jabba the Huts sister?

  • Shenmue III Kickstarter Funded in One Day:
    Definitely! Sega should jump on the bandwagon and make a few bucks at the same time by bringing out a Shenmue/ShenmueII combo for the PS-4/Vita. Even if it’s a straight port without a remaster. Throw in a soundtrack disk and DVD that came with the X-Box Shenmue-II and you’re golden!


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