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Almost as old as “those things” called newspapers.

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  • Chichiiro Toiki Degrading Indeed:
    Is that subbed youtube interview with Shiwasu No Okina saying that she was a fan of the idol groups she parodied, and created the all out sex orgies for Shining Musume because a love story would be so boring still around? For that matter, remember how Pixy basically rejuvenated the H-anime industry by showcasing that high quality animation and h-anime that wasn’t generic as hell could sell like crazy?

  • DMM’s Nets 17 Channels of JAV & Ero-Anime:
    What the fuck are you talking about…? SOD is so fucking gigantic by itself that it makes up a ridiculous # of companies.. Not to mention many other ones..

  • DMM’s Nets 17 Channels of JAV & Ero-Anime:
    Still missing almost all of the major JAV publishers, and chalk full of old as all fuck stuff.. That hentai channel, titles like 4-6 years old and full of budget titles that where bought and uncensored…..except they’re censored.. I want to like the site, but it’s just so fucked…

  • Pink Female Prison “To Reduce Inmate Oppression”:
    Oh come on… You have to know how flimsy that is.. Hell, it wasn’t that many years ago when Tokyo was trying to say that the blue streetlights where helping lower suicide rates…only for the rates to get absurd, and an increase in assaults in the areas that where made much darker..

  • Akame Ga Kill Gorily Melancholic:
    They still only kept her getting split apart for a few frames and didn’t linger on it. Same for the teigu eating her..


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