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For the Western world domination to continue even a bit longer it’s beneficial the powerful Asian nations can’t cooperate at all.

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  • Overlord: “Another Boring MMORPG Parody!?”:
    I guess you never watched Log Horizon s2. I loved the first season, but the second season was about as interesting as reading through a phone book starting from A.

  • Unlimited Blade Works Dub Trailer Debuts:
    Maybe there doesn’t even exist an American voice actor, who would sound evil enough as Kirei. This one certainly doesn’t.

  • China: “Japan Will Attack With Gundams!”:
    They would only make easy target practice. A blind man could hit a slow, cumbersome thing of that size.

  • Plastic Memories Fades Away:
    I appreciate good writing that manages to stir emotions. It doesn’t matter if those feelings are good or sad, even anger works in many cases. Few would call this show’s story good as a whole, but the ending didn’t fail. Back when I learned to read as a kid, Les Miserables was one of the first books I read, so I suppose it affected my taste and tolerance for different sorts of outcomes. It’s a sense of artistic beauty, not deriving enjoyment from the suffering of others.

  • Top 20 Seiyuu Singers:
    Perhaps I should have said “even more”, then. She has many, but for my personal tastes I wish there were still more. Like for example in Nanoha Vivid the OP sounds less melodic than Tamura Yukari’s ED. Nana is so good she can pull off any kind of song, so I’m just talking about my own preferences.


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