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For the Western world domination to continue even a bit longer it’s beneficial the powerful Asian nations can’t cooperate at all.

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  • Absolute Duo PV Revealed:
    I can still watch harem as long as the MC isn’t a useless waste of skin who should never have a harem to begin with. This season’s Trinity Seven is an example of harem I can enjoy. Fortunately it’s pretty easy to filter shows with such a simple criterion.

  • Fate/stay Night Standees Arrive:
    I see they included Shinji to be used for expensive target practice by gun or bow owners.

  • Trinity Seven Sexier Still:
    What’s this? How many hundreds of times have you rewatched Agent Aika since the late 90′s? Some of us want to watch new series as well, you know.

  • Psycho-Pass Movie Trailer Revealed:
    I couldn’t help but think the same. Especially when the tanks appeared.

  • Trinity Seven Brimming with Plot – “Really!”:
    Blade Dance was utter garbage compared to this highly amusing show. I’m generally speaking no fan of harem, but that changes when the MC isn’t a useless pos but a determined dude like here who welcomes the girls instead of being afraid of them like the sad sod in Blade Dance (and in most generic harem). The only good thing about Blade Dance was Est, but she alone couldn’t save the show. The larger story seems to leave much to be desired, so far, but this series has lots of jolly good details …


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