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I think you SHOULD Go Blame the politicians about the tense relationship.

BECAUSE THAT’S Their Proganda and ultimately create HATRED between those 2 Nations.

and they won’t quit like FOREVER.

I bet the politicians will say something ridiculous.


and what happen next? Flee their life to other country and create bunch of lies?

Because RIGHT NOW , VERY RARE politicians Think about the safety of the civilians , THEY JUST WANT MONEY.

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    few dozen? lol you really have no idea of the numbers that flock to this site do you?

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    I don’t care, as long its English name is “the testament of new sister devil”, that’s what I call this show.

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    what you’re complaining about is retarded, if most people didn’t like something it wouldn’t be “mainstream” to begin with… i think what you’re trying to say is “most people don’t like what i like, fuck them”

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    the text implies that any and every viewer following the instructions to ” go to a site and do xxx” means that everyone is afflicted by this “rule”…. saying that there is only me going is not acceptable.

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    I’m not going to front pic made me click! Well done!


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