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can’t agree more , just love seeing those experts
usually they claim stuff like “males and females have a different number of ribs” and so on, i’m waiting for such comment to happen here too :p

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  • Boruto -Naruto The Movie- CMs Family-Centric:
    Boruto is a shit. Naruto is a terrible dad who cares more about other peoples children than his own. Hinata is still useless giant boobs. What was the other kids name? OH RIGHT NOBODY CARES BECAUSE SHE GOT A WHOLE 1 1/2 page MENTION. Fuck off.

  • Moero Crystal Opening Quite Melodious:
    Depends on who you want to give fanservice to and some people like to have males to play as to interact with the girls. It can’t just be females all the time like sakura fantasy or other games where the main protagonist is a girl and way more popular than the title listed, or else it would be too short or it would get boring after a while. Think about it. How many yuri anime aside from Fate’s Illya spin-off, yuruyuri, and other few rare good yuri series have had more recognition and fans than …

  • Boruto -Naruto The Movie- CMs Family-Centric:

  • Moero Crystal Opening Quite Melodious:
    So you’d rather not play at all if you are that useless self-insert MC prick or are you calling yourself that since it looks like you PLAY AS HIM!

  • Moero Crystal Opening Quite Melodious:
    How is he a coward if his job is gathering female undergarments? That’s actually manly.


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