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Yea, Rambo the animation


– Ginga he kick off
– Initial D
– Legend of Galactic Heroes
– Ashita no Joe
– Jormungand
– Touch
– Inazuma Eleven
– One Piece
– Monster
– Gankutsou: Count of Montessori
– Captain Tsubasa
– Dennou Coil
– Jojo
– HOkuto no Ken
– Cross Game
– Macross
– Galaxy Express
– Hajime no Ippo
– Gunbuster
– Rose of Versailles
– Rainbow
– Kaiji
– Akagi
– One Outs
– Cats Eye
– City Hunter
– Lupin III
– Saint Seiya
– Wangan Midnight
– Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
– Captain Harlock

And and so on

Compare that to


…aand so on

LOL, its like comparing a beatitude rose or diamond with cockroaches excrement.

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  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    SJW/Feminazi Guide Book 2016: If virtual girl characters face looks young<40 years old*=sexualize underage girl, audience = pedophile, no matter what. *Update to 50 years old next year.

  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    According to SJW/Feminazi: virtual girl characters breast size=A = pedophile show virtual girl characters breast size>=C = oversexualized So size B are safe for kids, and cartoon/games are for kids. And virtual girl characters if their face looks young<40 years old=sexualize underage girl, audience = pedophile, no matter what. If virtual girl characters have hairy legs will be bonus point for them.

  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    “…most dangerous sociopath.” LOL

  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    Totally agree. They keep talk about “child porn”, don’t know what “child porn” is. I thought “child porn” is sexually assault kids in real life, which US/EU/UK/Australia/German/France SJW/Feminazi don’t really care, as you can check their children rape rate is astronomically much higher than Japan.

  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    Does you mother know, you are spilling your wet virgin dreams here? :D


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