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Yea, Rambo the animation


- Ginga he kick off
- Initial D
- Legend of Galactic Heroes
- Ashita no Joe
- Jormungand
- Touch
- Inazuma Eleven
- One Piece
- Monster
- Gankutsou: Count of Montessori
- Captain Tsubasa
- Dennou Coil
- Jojo
- HOkuto no Ken
- Cross Game
- Macross
- Galaxy Express
- Hajime no Ippo
- Gunbuster
- Rose of Versailles
- Rainbow
- Kaiji
- Akagi
- One Outs
- Cats Eye
- City Hunter
- Lupin III
- Saint Seiya
- Wangan Midnight
- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
- Captain Harlock

And and so on

Compare that to


…aand so on

LOL, its like comparing a beatitude rose or diamond with cockroaches excrement.

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  • Super Moe Ikazuchi Figure:
    been waiting for the anime to try and understand what the hell this collection is about,lol

  • Natsuiro High School “Open World Voyeur Simulator”:
    And I’m gonna guess not a single pantsu shot is gonna allowed throughout the entirety of this game. Not even a glimpse of any pantsu in general. :/

  • Shingeki no Kyojin 2 Coming 2016:
    This series hasnt ended yet?

  • Amagi Brilliant Park “Crazier Than Ever”:
    male MC is a narcissist that has no feelings for any of the girls which is a bit of fresh air considering this is from kyoani. female mc is a hotie with belldandy’s hair style with a tsundere attitude and uses a gun to shoot anyone who angers her. plot is simple enough to understand during the first ep alone. guy is recruited as an amusement park’s manager to help business pick up within a time limit or the park is closed.

  • Shingeki no Kyojin 2 Coming 2016:
    Did they just start on it? Why? The time we have to wait is the amount of time needed to make most shows, but why only just now?


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