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Sure, yours and the ones of your shameful kind will be priceless once this current era is over :) It will take some years still but it will be quite a sight to behold!

Signs that people is getting fed up are already appearing, like how so many older anime is being revived and day by day more people is getting fed up with moe and fanservice, not mentioning important figures in the so called anime industry are letting us know of their discontent with the shit state anime is in today thanks to type b otaku.

Enjoy it while you can, every era good, bad or awesome has its days counted! And at the very least this is inevitable!


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    If so then most of the carriers are going to die along with Fubuki and some other ships.

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    She’s cute.

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    no logh…

  • Top 20 Most Edifying Anime:
    Ya, wtf, where’s Cowboy Bebop?! Only about half of this list makes any sense to me.

  • Top 20 Most Edifying Anime:
    Totally agree with some of the list, totally disagree with others. Shingeki no Kyojin?? wtf, good series but doesn’t fit the description of the list. Paprika? It just felt like a watered down, regurgitated, heavy-handed version of Kon’s earlier work. If you want to see something really intellectually stimulating or “edifying” watch Perfect Blue. That should’ve made the list well before Paprika.


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