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Sure, yours and the ones of your shameful kind will be priceless once this current era is over :) It will take some years still but it will be quite a sight to behold!

Signs that people is getting fed up are already appearing, like how so many older anime is being revived and day by day more people is getting fed up with moe and fanservice, not mentioning important figures in the so called anime industry are letting us know of their discontent with the shit state anime is in today thanks to type b otaku.

Enjoy it while you can, every era good, bad or awesome has its days counted! And at the very least this is inevitable!


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  • Regalia Canned: “We Made It Too Badly”:
    why would they cancel an anime that is actually good when there are many other BS things being made? Re:Zero is great and it actually follows the source material very closely.

  • Regalia Canned: “We Made It Too Badly”:
    Re:Zero is great.

  • Regalia Canned: “We Made It Too Badly”:
    The producer actually put out a statement on twitter citing sound quality and animation effects. He said no changes to the story are planned, but that the audio will be reworked. Some have speculated that the single CG studio contracted for this show wasn’t up to the amount of composite effects being applied during the mecha fights.

  • Regalia Canned: “We Made It Too Badly”:
    The last two episodes of Girls Und Panzer wound up being delayed into the next season do to “production issues”, and the show aired at least one recap episode despite being only a 1-cour show. Rumors had it that an episode director had broken the no pantsu rule in production and their episode was ordered back to into extensive retakes.

  • Regalia Canned: “We Made It Too Badly”:
    Only if Harmony Gold dies.


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