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well fuck, now I need to watch this again.

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  • Sanrio Earthquake Charity: “Will Donate For Views!”:
    I’m not too sure why people are so upset, they would probably have under 10k at most and I’m pretty fucking sure the video will break 10k. Once those view bots get rolling out they are going to end up paying out the ass.

  • Sakura Nova Titillatingly Teased:
    Another Sakura game huh, I wonder if they will manage to pump out 10 of these before the year ends. Considering they are pretty much all the same it should be possible. I just wish you fucks you stop buying them so they have to actually try.

  • Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors “Still Censored”:
    If they actually stopped censoring stuff and pretty came out saying they fucked up, yeah I would buy from them again. But as it stands my money is better spent on other forms of entertainment. I will just download the NISA games for free because that is all they are worth censored.

  • Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors “Still Censored”:
    I mean censorship is pretty synonymous with NISA, I’m amazed people still give them money, I just wait for them to get ported to PC so I can pirate them, play them for free and still not support NISA. I highly encourage everyone to do the same.

  • The Summer I Lost Her Dripping With NTR:
    More NTR trash, nothing of value to see here.


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