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So the “official” Chinese figure is here.

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  • OregaIru Season 2 Announced:
    You mean, Yahari S2: The BAD END, arrived?

  • OregaIru Season 2 Announced:
    Wait, wasn’t most of the volumes sold out even on Amazon JP? Even if many viewers dropped the series after a few episode, the remaining fans seem loyal enough to buy the discs.

  • Kantai Collection “Behind Japan Windows Tablet Boom”:
    Go for an English release of Kantai Colection, Microsoft. Well, just like consoles, without games they are just movies and music players.

  • 2D Dating, China Style:
    She looks like Nene at the first glance but she is cute indeed. Quite a refreshing take on the 2D dating, at least more so than hugging body pillow around towns. Since that guy creates her himself, he doesn’t have to worry about meeting her in town with another guy. And sh!t, she is cute.

  • Love Plus+ Adds Even More Romance:
    lol, I lost it when I read a Japanese man finally admitted they would rather be in a relationship with a 2D girlfriend than a 3D woman in her face.


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