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So the “official” Chinese figure is here.

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  • AKB JK Cage Rape “Too Much For Golden Time”:
    GTO? Does it mean Onizuka or Golden Time?

  • Hatsune Miku Project Mirai Remix Comes West:
    Miku conquers the world?

  • Arresting Cosplay by Necoco:
    Well got to admit that she and her cameraman have some good taste regarding outfits and whatnot. The pose and angle show some consideration to viewers as well. The benchmark for my opinion is the Sankaku posts on Saotome. Those posts looks horrible, like the girl and her cameraman just wanted to get the pic album release out of the way… to make more pic albums.

  • Love Saotome Nisekoi Ero-Cosplay:
    The first time I saw her photos: Great, someone finally went all the way with decent ero-cosplaying. The nth time I see her photos: Welp, just another Tuesday. The cameraman must have run out of his drive for doing this, and just shot whatever poses he thought would make viewers horny.

  • AKB48 Sales Higher Than Ever: “Here’s Why”:
    “it’s not worth pouring your hard earned cash into it.” Hard-earned money? I don’t think spoiled kids like them earn their money though. (I don’t know their ages but they all seem like kids to me)


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