Comment on Shinozaki Ai “As Sexy As She Is Chubby” by Tetra:

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How is she fat!? She’s perfect! She has just the right amount of meat, not too much, not too little.
Thinner women just overall look malnourished, it’s a massive turn off for me when those kind of women lie down on their back and you see their ribcage basically popping out of them with the stomach caving in because there’s nothing there.

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  • Life-Size Mumei Figure An Absolute Marvel:
    That’s just a huge paper weight. For that price, you could get a custom made doll instead, with exoskeleton, heating elements and voices.

  • Heavy Duty Felt Ero-Cosplay Spreads All:
    That sure is a boy-ish looking face…. the body looks female at least.

  • Mahou Tsukai no Yome OAD PV Brimming With Magic:
    Sad that’s it’s only an OAD… The manga is quite good.

  • Trunks’ Sword Immaculately Forged:
    Well to be fair, the sword’s design is not that outlandish compared to some other swords of anime characters out there. The main thing here is mostly the grip and the hilt, the blade itself look relatively generic.

  • Metroid Fan Remake Hit With DMCA Notice:
    Nintendo are firm believers of protect their IPs, because if they don’t, there’s a risk that they might “lose” it. I do think they go too far sometimes (all the time, like on youtube), but it’s their stuff. To be honest, this is why you shouldn’t make too much “noise” over “fan projects” like this. Keep it low until everything is done and then release it. Because once it’s out there, a DMCA can do nothing, even if it does go “down” on the main website, many more will popup with mirrors of it.


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