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US Military Curfewed for Okinawa Gang Rape


Opponents of the US military’s Japanese bases have been crowing over the announcement that all US forces in Japan will be curfewed as punishment for 2 of their number gang raping an Okinawan woman with the belief that they would be safely on a US base in Guam by the time cops acted.

Approximately 40,000 navy and air force personnel throughout Japan have been indefinitely banned from leaving their bases late at night.

As the troops involved in the rape were not actually stationed in Japan, the curfew also extends to US military personnel who are just visiting Japan, the first time such a restriction has had to be enacted.

However, as a temporary measure which will at some point probably be rescinded without change if only to appease local entertainment businesses (seen in the video above already moaning about the loss of business), there is not much optimism that any long-term improvement in relations between bases and natives will be realised.

Whilst there has been some relief expressed at the fact police actually managed to arrest the pair before they escaped onto a base, there has been outrage at the fact it appears they planned the rape in advance in the expectation that they would be able to get out of the country before their victim could go to police.

According to their investigations, the pair had booked into a local hotel for a one night and were due to fly to base postings on Guam on the day of their arrest, having apparently planned to rape their victim and then escape to a base on Guam in the expectation that Japanese police would have extreme difficulty in securing an extradition under the circumstances.

They both returned to the hotel after the rape, only to find police waiting for them.

The method they secured their victim – they approached a random woman at night and greeted her with “arigato!,” which she ignored, prompting them to chase her down and throttle her into submission – has also provoked much disgust.

One of the pair admits both men participated in the rape, whilst the other still maintains he was in his hotel room when it took place. Police recovered articles of the victim’s clothing from their room.

The timing of the incident has proven devastating – even as police were moving to arrest the pair, base authorities were chiding protesters for flying kites in the hopes of discouraging Osprey flights, but by the end of the day were themselves being savaged by the prefectural governor for the depredations of their soldiers.

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  • I happen to be quite the expert on the subject of rape, and let me tell you this – you can hardly have a proper gang rape with just two people involved.

    Please correct this misnomer in your articles.

  • It’s ironic the barbarians comment on how rape is wrong in games and shows but yet their military men go out and actually RAPE females.

    Hypocrites at best. Chasing pencil-lines instead of keeping their dirty hands off people and creating real victims.

  • Funny how Japan and other countries are willing to hate on japan, but when there’s a catastrophe like an earthquake or a tsunami, you’re all willing to beg and praise America for helping out, then the moment the aid is finished, you return to hating a country that has helped out more often than they should have.

    Also, if you nuke the US, you’re going to be left with shitty pixelated porn of girls getting fucked with uncomfortable and unattractive faces, or porn of women that have body hair all over their bodies with flappy pancake tits that look like dried up prunes.

  • I’m pretty sure that the military court will deal with this accordingly.
    It’s pretty clear that this case will be blown out as “all Americans are rapists” and all that but at the end of the day it’s an isolated case of a couple of men raping a girl. They will get their due punishment.

        • *yourself

          Your lame posts are actually so amusing that I just can’t take you seriously enough to be offended.

          And although as annoying and stupid as you sound, no one should be raped, period.

        • Why don’t you put a name anon show you have at least that much balls you sack less shit. Probably the same anon who originally posted and was proven wrong. Maybe your also the same anon who posted all that shit about woman deserving to be raped. What a disgusting fuck you are go hang your-self!

      • To add on if this shit isn’t put in check it will ruin our friend ship with our most important ally in the Pacific. Our forces represent the entire country when they are abroad so when they run over innocent people and keep driving it says Americans are just brutes and murderers in the eyes of the world. Want proof read the news or just scroll on down and read the other comments! Why do you think South Korea has mixed feelings towards us to! This shit needs to end and if killing these two idiots on public TV would send a message than that’s fine with me. This countries justice system is BS a guy who illegally downloads movies gets longer sentences than murderers. Too many anti-death sentence cry babies here saying its inhuman! No whats inhuman is what these people do to the victims!! So get your shit straight before you patronize me. I want the old America back the one that kicked ass and took names the one that doesn’t bow down to shit ass China because it actually stood for Freedom! The America that took down the USSR and was the deciding factor in two World Wars the one Hitler quaked in his boots about. The America Gen George S Patton loved and kicked ass for. We were as Patton said about his beloved tank core “hell on wheels!” Now it seems this country is “flowers on a rainbow” We got a president who kisses princes feet lol how sad is that.

      • Haha your an idiot why don’t you actually post with a name instead of anonymous. I gave my name John born in Torrance memorial hospital in CA July 3rd. Lived on Louise st than Moved to Bellflower in Lakewood CA when I was 4 lived on Rose St till age 11. Moved to Stanton CA zip 90680 where I lived till I am 18. So for me to know that much I guess I am American huh dimwit. I can keep going with more. For instance the 5 freeway dumps you off at Harbor blvd near Disneyland. The five also will take you to the block of orange exit state college blvd. My grammar DGAF (dont give a fuck) who are you the grammar NAZI I am not submitting this to some CEO for a high paying job jackass get a life.

  • What a damn embarrassment to all of us that used to wear the uniform with pride. My two years at Camp Zama, Japan were awesome. It was even made better when I met my wife, who is from Tokyo. We’ve now been married for over 17 years.

    If the charges against these thugs hold true, and I think they will, then I hope they rot in the worst Japanese prison possible.

  • I’m sorry to the good people of the US Military, but, this is exactly why these bases need to be removed from Asian countries. A lot of the military’s honor is lost because most of the people that join are scum. America’s schools are too passive towards the students, which, I’m afraid to say, most of them need to be beat. I think the “scared straight” method works and can help diminish the growing population of gang activity, which, seem to spill out into our military. As I said, with the military lacking honor these days, this is because of the fact that we are allowing lower level human beings into our ranks that are meant to “protect”. Unfortunately, with our nation’s greed and blind eyes towards our own wrong doings, it will take someone to defeat us to realize that we are at fault.

  • its time for japan to get their own army. its been 70 years since WWII and the threat of japan starting the next WW is next to nil. they are a different country from before and they should have their own defense force. if china DOES invade japan do you really think the USA will put in their best efforts to help them? For fucks sake the USA starts more wars than japan does.

  • So I couple of douchebags come to Japan for some shore leave R&R, rape some woman and everyone stationed there gets punished for it?!

    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense… what bullshit. I hope the boys stationed in Okinawa have some friends stationed in Fort Worth to fuck up these two sacks of shit.

  • This case makes me wonder how things are done, when there bases are in countries, where the media controll is in place.
    Funny how we here in Europe hear about some car accident in a town in US in our news. But a crime like this seems to be of no news value.

  • Now now, no need to go hating on the entire US because of this. Two bad men did a bad thing and got caught, and will now face consequences.

    There’s plenty of sexual assaults in Japan not committed by Americans. In fact, I believe the whole “Chikan” thing speaks for itself.

    I’m an American myself, and I do hope those two disgraces get what’s coming to them. Castrate em!

  • In the US, if you’re in the military and you commit a crime off-base, and the local authorities arrest you, then you first face legal procedings from the locals. *Then*, once the locals are finished with you, you get to have a *second* go around with the military legal system.

    This is not the way it works in foreign countries. The US has agreements with all countries that they have military personnel stationed at or visiting. I don’t know the precise nature of Japan’s agreement with the US. But I do know that rape is a violation of US military regulations (the UCMJ), and it is a court-martial-able offense. The US military would (and will) conduct their own investigation. These guys can plan on spending time in a military prison, like Levenworth… and there is no early parole.

  • Huh. It may have changed in the years since, but I recall a large portion of housing for the military in Okinawa being not only completely unguarded (anyone could get in), but laughably secured – the fences had massive holes in them.

    And this section wasn’t part of the primary base. How in the world would a curfew actually be applied in those circumstances?

  • If it wasn’t for those two atomic bombs the world would be speaking japanese and all people would have slanty eyes and yellow skin. Those fucking islander barbarians have no right to refuse the presence of militar bases after what they did to the world during the first 45 years of twenty century headed by their lunatic, arrogant and supremacist military. Japan should be thankfull for still existing and not being a thing which belongs to the past, because it deserved to be extinct long time ago, thanks to the horrible grade of savagery exhibited by them, worst than the savagery of nazis .

    I hope japan be erased of earth’s surface if it keep on insisting in being a threat to human peace through its arrogance, supremacist behavior and mindset.

  • Having been stationed in Okinawa myself from 2008-2010. I understand how the economy suffers from lockdowns. The symbiotic nature of it all is unfortunately doomed by the actions of individuals, in this case, from another base. Although the media there blows it sky high as opposed to other heinous acts committed by citizens- I believe the actions conducted by these individuals should be tried fully in their responsibility.

    Scumbags slip through the cracks in the military and even more unfortunate, they affect national relationships. My personal experience has been that of the entirety of my flight being constantly briefed on the repercussions of potential actions and the overwhelming responsibility one must display when trying to enjoy themselves in a stressful and demanding base far from home.

    I only pray that these delinquents receive punishment not only from their actions that night, but their hindrance of airmen, marines, soldiers, and sailors trying to do complete their mission with their humanity and sanity intact.

    Too many good people are punished for the actions of a few. This is one of the reasons I declined reenlistment. I <3 Okinawa.

  • Damn same shit happen to me when my ship ported in Australia. Two dirt bags who ruined the Marine Corps motto raped a 15 year old girl in Broome while I was in Perth Amboy. That shit made my overnight chit useless the rest of the cruise which lasted another 5 months. I went from overnight liberty to having to be back by 10pm (local time)

  • These guys are the 1% of the military that makes the rest look bad. I feel sorry for that woman, and the bad image she has of uniformed people now.

    I have to go stand in a formation every night at midnight so they can “Make sure we’re all here”

  • LOL @ all the asspained little cunts writing shit about US military. Tell me if any aggressive and offense oriented organization in history has never had problems of this nature. Where’s the attention given to the japanese nurse who was raped by two japanese soldiers that planned her rape with knowledge of her hospital schedule? Where are the stories of SDF soldiers getting drunk and brawling with locals in the bar near their base? For that matter, where are outrages of bribe taking iraqi and afghan soldiers who routinely harrass and if vulnerable enough, rape little girls? Where are these cowards when their own people are caught committing crimes?

    Oh right, never their fault. At best, ‘one of the deviants who are not REALLY japanese/korean/chinese/iraqi/etc etc.’

    Fuck off cunts. You called them out, and they are raping your asses. If you walk around with an attitude of a bitchy 12 year old who thinks world revolves around your petty little feelings, don’t be surprised when someone fucks you up. You don’t get to complain when you strut around with ‘Please Fuck Me’ sign taped to your ass.

    Truly, US is too compassionate to allow this type of bitching. Let’s use every instance of impudence by non-US people who can’t even get along with their tiny neighbors and let them try living up to the same standards, while US has to deal with the whole world thanks to invariable result of being big, influential, and powerful in political, economical, cultural and military sense. I am sure japanese are surely models at getting along with their neighbors toda-

    Oh wait.

  • This is pathetic and very disgraceful for the rape apes called “US military.” I hate them now. Japan you got my full support to finish building those gundams you were working. Time to show these US scum!! Only evil lowlifes who can’t get laid rape women…was it so hard to beat your tiny meat every night…you deserve to die!

  • How do so many sociopaths make it into the armed forces? This would be the question I would ask if the armed forces were not already a hotbed of criminal behavior.

    Fucking shoot them. I’m sick of my countrymen being defamed for the shitty behavior of some of us. Shoot them right in the fucking face.

    • Military is by nature an aggressive organization. There’s a reason why if any military, even your own, moves into the backyard, real estate value goes down.

      Of course, rest of the world is just better at covering for their own criminals and basically behaving with with 1920s mentality towards anyone else. If US is sloppy, it’s because they are not being forceful enough in telling these victims to shut up or else.

      So innocent rest of the world…sure must be nice to munch on your own shit every morning and make your self feel better.

  • After those two serve their time in the Japanese prison, hopefully about 10 years; they need to be tried under the UCMJ for disgracing the uniform and USA. Hopefully they will spend another 10 years living on tax payer dollars in a military disciplinary barracks.

    Make and examples out of the fuckers.

  • The fact that I heard these two who did this, makes me ashamed. I’m also a American, but you don’t see me doing all that BS that some people out there be doing. And it’s messed up. What’s worse, despite my dream of traveling the world someday, I’m gonna have to deal with various amounts of hate just because I’m foreign to their nation.

    I can understand how some of those people in Japan are feeling, but then again, they aren’t the only ones. Fact of the matter is that because people like those two are doing this crap. It only makes my experience of going overseas kinda unpleasant. Every since my first experience with New Zealand and Australia, I was stoked to get an opportunity someday. This won’t put me off, but I’m surely gonna be aware of the world knowing that some countries and citizens don’t take kindly to others due to past events. I just hope my behind is gonna be alright when I’m out there.

  • There are bad eggs in every bunch. Here are two of them. If we’re lucky, the remainder will hide themselves in the back of the carton, and the eggs on the other side won’t throw themselves at the situation to make an even larger mess.

    A janitor can pray, right?

  • It’s this kinda shit that gives the rest of us in the Navy a bad name. As a Third Class myself, I’m rather upset to see fellow sailors committing such disgusting things.

    If you’ve been in the Navy, you’d know how much sexual assault training and such we go through because of people like this. If you’re gonna do shit like this, get out of our military.

  • If what they are saying is true about these dirtbags planning the rape and escape ahead of time it would be in the best interest of the US to wash their hands of these two filths and let Japanese authorities prosecute them for the maximum sentence. Hopefully in a maximum security Japanese prison.

    When they finally get out they should be made to do all the “bad time” lost in the Naval Prison at Portsmouth Va. and then a Dishonorably Discharged.

    These two, if guilty are the worst form of cockroach in uniform there is

    • How about the uncovering of a police office who killed females and ATE them?

      Cannibals and savages in uniform. Maybe all soldiers should be required a standard psychology tests before they wear badges of protection.

      You are there to serve and protect the public. Not to prey upon them. When those in uniform do this they become no better than the criminals and violent ones themselves.

      Can law-enforcement even be trusted anymore?

      • The soldiers themselves do not care for their reputation among the locals, and the forces certainly won’t ever look bad to the majority of US citizens no matter how many women/preteen girls/babies the soldiers rape. The average dumb patriotic drone citizen will only ever view it as an isolated crime committed by an individual. No stain on the corps at all.

        Why do you think the other servicemen would care about some local woman when they don’t even care about 19000 of their fellow servicewomen being raped by fellow soldiers every year?

        There is no respect for women’s dignity in the armed forces of the US at all. Their colleagues will shrug it off with a “so what?” at best and applaud them for it at worst. The only ones who care about such incidents are the higher ups who have to take politics into account, though normally incidents like this wouldn’t pose any problems for them at all; we have to thank the bases issue that they’re taking it serious at all.

        You think the majority of US service personnel aren’t like that? Well I have to disappoint you, those who condemn such behavior, even including those doing so anonymously in comments on news sites, are certainly NOT the majority. If they were, something would have begun to change by now. Decent soldiers may have become much more vocal lately thanks to the internet but in fact their numbers are shrinking more and more. Blame the demographics that result from continuously lowered recruitment standards that are barely able to maintain desired troop strengths as is.


        tl;dr: They’d have nothing to fear from their fellow servicemen.

        • All the USA military posted in Japan and in Korea are pigs and total trash. They cause nothing but issues, fights, rapes, violence, and ruin any areas they hang around drinking and prowling for girls.. it is a major problem and they move in packs like dogs when they do this. Because of them, a lot of clubs and some izakaya joints have banned foreigners in my area which is annoying. If you live here and have to suffer with the issues they cause you would feel exactly the same. Good riddance, keep them locked up once the sun goes down and on the base.

        • If I was the Commanding officer at the base I would have all 40,000 men and women beat the living hell out of those two because I am sure everyone is not happy being stuck in a Navel base for very long time from what I hear it sucks.

        • 12:12 Anon: hope 11:38 Anon find where you live/
          12:49 Anon: I think it’s a good idea because as what another anon said before they’ll regret and possibly in a lot of hurt for pissing off the rest of the 40,000 personnel there. It’s like a chinese proverb where you kill one to warn all others. If they don’t do something like this, the other personnel will think “shit, those guys raped a girl. They tainted us, hope that doesn’t relate to me…” instead of “I’M GOING TO KILL THOSE FUCKING BASTARDS FOR RUINING MY FUCKING NIGHTS!!” at least that’s what I think.

        • Even my friend, who is a military wife in a non-okinawa base, has been struck by the curfew. She’s not happy about it, either, but… hey. At least this shows that everyone is taking the situation seriously. It will likely make it a bit more difficult for anyone else who might plan the same thing to actually follow through…

          On that note, I still don’t like the idea of “punishing” the lot for a few idiots.

    • I will agree to this when japanese police start doing the same to their own rapists of helpless japanese girls who are preyed upon every other day, instead of letting them off with a slap on the wrist of 2-3 years because they were ‘drunk’

      If japanese police and media had the mouth to chase after every one of their own rapists with the same attention they give to US soldiers, they would have much less social problems. Of course, they are like children and blame all their problems on ‘koreans’ ‘chinese’ and ‘not any of us, no NEVER’.

      Fucking 5 year olds need to be treated like one.

      • @07:01
        I am Asian and I support Obama.
        I don’t get how people are dumb enough to get tricked by the Republicans’ “We’ll magically fix the economy while giving tax breaks (to the rich)” without giving any logical explanation on how.

        “It’ll just fix it self when people get more money from tax cuts” <– wtf why do people believe that at all? I guess I'm not a racist white person or a religious freak that will ignore logical reasoning so that might explain why.

        Obama is honest and lists out how and where he's taking money from and giving money to, explains everything and you can totally feel he is for building a better America instead of trying to fatten his own pocket like the Republicans.

        Remember to register to vote guys, for the better of America and the rest of the world.

        • Oamabshit is the interent worst enemy, thats all I care,

          ACTA, TPP!!! Fuck this moron and its fucking hollywood and shit artists bakers!

          Even a shithead like Bush was never this bad towards the internet, but one Obama arrived, the puppet og hollywood and riiaa and see what the fuck happened

        • Do yourself a favor boy and learn some real politics.

          Tax cuts are temporary and are meant to boost immediate economic progress so that when taxed later on, the net income revenue will exceed that without the cuts. BTW, as a politician Obama cannot be honest and effective at the same time. It’s called realpolitik and I really hope other Obama supporters are not some pipe-dreaming little ignorant immigrant fuck like you who doesn’t know what it means to move to another country and not offer your allegiance to the place where you make your living. I cannot support the man if Romney is better alternative, and if his supporters are anything like you, he needs to either find a better support base or GTFO. Your infantile idea of ‘ITS ALL THE RICK PPL”S FAULLLLTT’ really stinks of adolescent naivte.

          I love how other cuntish ‘asian’ kids upvoted this brat’s comment. It really shows your self-entitled mentality and shallow understanding of people around you. I lived half of my life in both my ancestor’s soil and in US, and I by choice pledged my loyalty to one I believed is worthier of my allegiance. If you think your half-assed idea of victim mentality combined with bitch disease called identity crisis is a special permission to bitch about ‘rich people’, you have no idea what real oppression and fight means from your posh first world living room.

        • “I guess I’m not a racist white person or a religious freak”

          Spoiled little asian bitch yelping about racism and revealing their even-more-racist tendancies at the same time.

          I love how ‘asians’ bite themselves in the ass all the time and are too scared to own up. You act like a bitch, you get it like a bitch. Watch your mouth.

    • Don’t automatically believe what is being said. The woman in question could be lying (yes, women do lie about being raped regularly if someone would get on their case for having sex with X person), the ‘planning’ thing could be a load of bullshit, etc.

      Unless they have a witness that says that he overheard the men planning to rape a woman, I’d be skeptical at best.

    • If they planned it, they shouldn’t have gotten caught. While any crime is disgraceful, they were navy men(yes?), their failure to commit the crime without escaping, is bad in and of itself. Either point of the crime or their failure leads to same result “What a couple disgraceful dumbfucks.”

    • Convict the two in US courts. With sufficient evidence, they will get harsher sentence in US prisons.

      But if japs are going to play smearing everyone else for this, they better be ready for the consequences as well. They have no moral standing and are too small-eyed to look beyond their petty feelings. People who have missed half their work days have no right to criticize someone who showed up for work all the time but happened to get an order wrong one day.

      • Not to impugn the character of those who serve with honor and dignity, but most people join the military either because they’re too under-educated to land a higher-paying job, or because they want to kill somebody and get away with it. It takes a certain testosterone-poisoned personality for one to even want to get into that line of work to begin with, so it isn’t all that surprising that so many servicemen possess a criminal mindset. You know, street gangs like the Crips and Bloods have a presence in the military, too. The military is run like a prison, where the inmates have deadly weapons. They’re hardly representative of the general American population.

        • Fools exist regardless of where you live or what culture you’re born into. That being said, anyone who talks about nuking men, women and children, and that their own culture is superior enough to make that call, is included in the list of fools. But my guess is you’re just trolling anyway.

        • 08:45 21/10/2012

          Hahaha, hear the moron, go back o school if you believe this, , but chances are you had mornic teacher if you are from the US, althout in Canda theres this misconception your refer to as 2 different continents

          So according to this do we have the continent of central America too?

          What you speak of is another misconception, the same as how you call yourselves “American”.

          The real fact is that its one continent and it has always been, the supposed models that wnat to divide it in 2 have been pointed as wrong and as mere misconception multiple times, the real and official statement and generally accepted its indeed ONE FUCKING CONTINENT:AMERICA

          As always who do you think come up with this stupidity??? Guess who??? DARE DATTTA??? Yes, this stupidity is essentially taught in the US and Canada, while in the rest of America is correctly taught that its ONE CONTINENT.

        • FYI, there is no continent called “America”. We have SOUTH America and NORTH America, and only those who live in the United States of America have ever been refered to as “Americans”.

        • Hoo one more fanatical Chinese!
          The only good part in his commentary, in a nuclear attack probably die too!
          Maybe not immediately, but a painful cancerous degeneration due to radiation and climate change .. the best chance will die of hunger ..

        • Are you retarded, only retards lump together AMERICANS,

          I WOULD NEVER EVER lump together Brazilians, Mexicans, Canadians, Chileans, Peruvians, etc, to the likes of the US people.

          Americans are ALL those in the FUCKING WHOLE CONTINENT OF AMERICA, not just your nauseating kind moron.

        • Japan actually cannot have a their own army. They only have a small defense force for self defense. Hench is the reason why US has troops there.

          It also serves as a force to intimidate china. Chances are… China would actually invade and take a certain island by force if the US isn’t stationed nearby.

          It’s complicated…

        • Actually the JSDF is approximately the 5-6th largest and best equipped armed force in the world. Moreover in the event of a war the country could easily mobilize a full scale military complex. It might not be the scale of the IJA or even the modern US army, but it hardly counts as a small defence force.

          This is how national armies should stay, anyone who knows a little about history and economics (and isn’t a complete idiot) spending vast resources on defense far in excess of what is needed is indicative of a collapse of civil democratic authority in favor of a militarist regime. A strong military, as history shows us, is a dangerous thing because it starts to influence politics significantly and remove power and authority from the civil government. Japan out of all countries knows this well, and that’s the primary reason why it still sticks to the constitutional article which limits the size of their armed forces.

        • The people of the UK hating Americans is a gross overstatement. Sure most people in the UK have extremely low opinions of American intelligence just like many other places around the world, but they don’t “hate” Americans.

        • Indeed. What do they expect with all the shit they do around the world, trying to own the internet, mass spying schemes, barbaric atrocities like this, its moronic reatrded people, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,

        • @08:48 bragging about your ability to “kick their asses” is probably one of the reason why they hate you… just so you know, British government brown nose America probably because they are scared of your military, yes… but majority of British citizens think majority of the US citizens are dumb shits (and yes, your comment further confirm that statement). we arent scared that US will bomb us, cause that would never happen, UK got US’s dick so far up their ass that they will never fight. but british people still hate you…

      • U.S. soldiers tend to be untrained in the arts of social behavior because of their lack of interaction with the opposite sex and don’t know how to deal with emotions, that’s why we see things like the torture of Iraqi in prisons, the rape of children and women and mental breakdowns after they come home.

        They get no social training whatsoever, they get trained to follow orders, regular citizens learn to judge for themselves, US soldiers get told what to do until they snap.

        • I don’t think Sacky has the vaguest clue about PTSD, or the qualities of various armies. He’s probably not aware of what the Sudanes or Russian armies are doing for one, though they’re under much less pressure.

          Oh well, at least he’s not a vicious idiot.

        • Sacky, the military is not there to teach civility in the lower ranks, they are taught to do one thing and one thing only, the art of killing some other idiot in the enemy’s military.To quote Patton: “I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor, dumb bastard die for his country.” The military in essence is there to do several things, these are kill and break things, that is all and they do that rather well. Whatever civility they had is knocked out of them in training because you really cannot get someone to kill without screwing with their head, that’s part of the reason most are 18-20 year old, they are easy to manipulate and most think they are invincible The problem with the US military is a lack of professionals there, most get out when they can. The brass needs cannon fodder so they allow freaking gang bangers and dirt bags to join. They use to be flushed out but since they need solders, that’s all they get therefore it led to these two fucktards thinking they can get away with it like they can back in the hood..Hope these two get the full experience of prison life….too bad it’s not a Turkish prison…

        • 10:03 – No, they’re not, but they have an awfully frequent habit of instilling a superiority into members of the armed forces that make them think they can get away with shit that no average Joe on the street would ever consider pulling. 9/10 times you hear of something like this, it’s someone society put in a position of “authority”. Teachers, military, police… they all seem much more likely to suddenly forget they’re the same as Bob the produce guy, but with a badge or similar pull.

        • The army isn’t there to teach young men morals. They are supposed to learn that in the first 18 years of their life. The sergeant is not your mom, he is your boss. Or do you expect your employer to teach you how to treat other people in non-military careers?

        • Not true. A soldier has a strict Code of Conduct to follow. Even when you’re “Off duty” you are expected to follow the Code of conduct.

          It boils down to what you think you can get away with and what you know you can get away with. If you break the Code of Conduct your CO can make your life hell if he chooses to. These two clowns were obviously stupid enough to think they could get away with rape and if they are handed over to the Us, the CO has to save face and bring them up on charges. Chances are he’ll look the other way if some of the unit wants to beat the hell out of them. So long as they can stand in court.

        • Most people go to co-ed primary schools, high schools and universities so those skills should already be in place to some degree before entering the military or the private sector.

          All military organizations, not just the US are guilty of atrocities at some point in history.
          Our media is just more open about exposing it to the public than others.

    • Who cares get over it omg I hate people who dwell on the past! Lets dig into this countries past than shall we? Lets put our dirty laundry out to dry as well. Ok so to start:

      After the country was founded and all were said to be equal blacks still were not. They were slaves beaten worked, and sometimes killed for masters. Oh lets not forget if they even touched a white girl they were killed.

      OK next the indians what did we do to them and this is post Columbus I am not referring to him he was from spain and sailed for Britain. How many indians did we massacre because of manifest destiny how many were raped and taken from homes. I know lets ask the ones on reservations in Oklahoma.

      Next our expieriments in Brazil where they purposly put STD’s into peoples eyes and shit to see what would happen resulting in deaths!

      Recently our soldiers in South Korea ran over some girls in a Hummer and kept driving leaving them to die!

      Want me to continue?! This country is not some fucking beacon for Saints jackass every country everywhere has dirty laundry and deeds they want to forget but shit heads like you who hold grudges don’t allow it. We have apologized to the above people so according to you and your fucked up thinking they should never forgive and justice for things done 20 to 100 plus years ago should still be served although current generations had nothing to do with it. Get the chip off your shoulder and grow up.

    • All bitches are whores. Raep should be treated as a joke like petty theft unless the woman in question can verify her status as a chaste, pious holy woman. Bitches will spread their legs for any 90 year old man given enough monetary incentive. Wives, daughters, mothers, hell even some grandmothers, they all fuck for money peoplez. When filthy materialistic money grubbing cock sucker greedy disease ridden sluts get ‘raeped’, and cry afoul the only reaction deserved is laughter.

  • you people have to be the biggest morons in existence. no military no matter what country they come from have people that do this to natives. let me see army invades country what first thing you hear the men raping and killing, so no matter what country your military is form it happens to them too. and we punish our soldiers who do this what about your country???? they usually get away with it and are hero’s to that country. A few bad apples in a army does not make the whole country bad, nor does fact that the governments of said country are full of idiots. All countries are the same in this respect.