Disgaea D2 Announced for PS3: “Laharl & Etna Return!”


Nippon Ichi has announced the next major Disgaea title for the PS3, to be entitled Disgaea D2 (“Dimension 2” – although it is “Disgaea 5” rather than yet another spin-off) and to feature the return of Laharl and company in a fully fledged continuation of the events of the original.

The announcement comes by way of Dengeki’s annual show, and is short on details – it is however confirmed that it will be for the PS3, and be released March 20th, 2013:


The game is billed as the “most ominous simulation RPG in history,” and the producer explains why the game received its “D2” title rather than “Disgaea 5”:

“The Disgaea series has been going 10 years now, and we thought we would return to where it all started with Laharl as the protagonist, and continue his story.

The D signifies us wanting to take it to the next dimension, [and also incorporates the D of Disgaea, destiny, and even drama.]”

With Laharl and company still enjoying considerable popularity 10 years on, a blockbuster hit for Nippon Ichi does not seem unlikely, and fan prayers have most certainly been answered.


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