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Yeah it’s God who made us human, you’re right, without him we would be mindless fucks running around, killing everything and fucking whenever possible, you sir must be an Akademic guy

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  • PETA Condemns Pokémon as “Animal Cruelty”:
    hahhahahaha .. this is a joke right? Then again I always wondered how they got pokemon in those tiny pokeballs… trollface.jpg

  • PETA Condemns Pokémon as “Animal Cruelty”:
    A few things to say. 1. I prefer to eat meat. 2. If they want to end animal cruelty go to Africa. They’ll kill something just for the hell of it (and to feed those shriveled mummies called Ethiopians). 3. Pokemon is no different than MMA (mixed martial arts). People beating the shit out of each other to amuse others, make money, and become (pokemon) masters. Want to end cruelty? Try ending underground muay thai rings. Those places are brutal. Other guy just broke both his arms and a leg and …

  • PETA Condemns Pokémon as “Animal Cruelty”:
    PeTA does exist in Unova. They’re called Team Plasma.

  • PETA Condemns Pokémon as “Animal Cruelty”:
    How Come Peta Never protects Cockroaches huh Hundreds of them are stepped on everyday. Well fine I,m gonna do it Starting Today I,m starting the Hands Off my Cock foundation and every donation will go Towards protecting cockroaches.

  • PETA Condemns Pokémon as “Animal Cruelty”:
    that akward moment when peta reminds you of ghetsis…

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    And out of all of this, we haven’t gotten a single ounce of Yuri or Futanari from hentai producers. Besides Futabu! of course. It’s as if they’re afraid to make them and stick to what sells the most. Never knew how huge the rape thing was in ero works.

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    wheres the #2 image from?

  • Top 15 Loveliest Anime Couples:
    Lists completly show the authors pref in animes. Its obvious that the writer like some romance animes, but majorly is watching shonen style. What I want to conclude is that this list isn´t bad for a shonen fan who also likes it when the protagonists get along better but a pure love story anime is something else….something that hasn´t been mentioned befor not even in comments. For example Sword Art Online´s Kirito and Asuna. That is obviosly a shonen anime not meant to main the romance (even …

  • Japan Animator’s Expo’s ME!ME!ME! “Incomparably Sexy”:
    I watched this with my girlfriend and we didn’t even bother to draw as many conclusions because it’s so goddamn awesome to just watch. Now I have to find that music for both of us :P Teddyloid you genius!

  • Shingeki no Kyojin 2 Coming 2016:
    It’s funny you say that because I was just thinking about how they aren’t parading around on the net with their fanboyism like they use to lol.


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