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it might for kids which play these games.

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  • Behold Tokyo’s Cutest JK – 2014:
    why do you complain about something like welfare that helps people but not about all the money that most governments waste on the military or the subsidies to private companies? Do you realize that Americans will not have social security benefits by 2030 because it was all used for war in the middle-east? And do you know from where your social security money comes from, right? It comes directly from your work, so the government stole from you to use the money for war.

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Budding Romance Anime:
    if it weren’t because all the characters looks anorexic I would watch the show. But seriously, what were they thinking?

  • Comiket 86 Day 1 Cosplay Still Heating Up:
    I still live with my parents but i’m not overweight nor a virgin.

  • Comiket 86 Day 1 Cosplay Off To A Hot Start:
    I don’t think the problem is any of that but that they have flat and wide noses like black people. Because of the nose is that we rarely see Japanese girls going beyond the boundary of just “cute”. All the cutest ones are mixed race like 100% of the time. Korean girls don’t have this problem as much and that’s why they are consistently hotter than Japanese girls by a landslide. And not to mention that Chinese girls with their rounder faces are way cuter too. If it weren’t for Filipinas JPN …

  • PS4 Hits 10 Million:
    but the filth has taken tomb raider away from us!


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