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it might for kids which play these games.

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    The movie was actually pretty good and way better than expected. A shame to see it flop so badly because I genuinely wanted a sequel. It’s obvious that they put a lot of effort into this movie because the characters, action and visuals were all so on point I don’t think we’ll ever see another anime adaptation come to this level. Even fucking ScarJo with her awful acting skills was doing a great job playing the Major. And the guys that played Batou and Aramaki, they did their research too. They …

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    Edge of Tomorrow was pretty god.

  • Ghost in the Shell Promotion Backfires:
    Is not the weebs that are salty it’s the sjw’s.

  • Top 10 Franchises With Copy-Paste Faces:
    that’s only racism by the modern age standards of sensitive liberals. Having an opinion is no racism and calling him a racist troll won’t change his mind either. In fact, you’re just wasting your time at the same time you help normalize real racism by making it into something petty.

  • Top 10 Franchises With Copy-Paste Faces:
    pretty much. The move to all digital have cheapen the creation process but at the cost of lower quality art in general. Example:


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