In a rare moment of candidness, Platinum Games, makers of hit witch shooter Bayonetta, have laid into Sega for ruining the title in their notoriously bad PS3 port of same, with Platinum lamenting the decision to let them near it as “our biggest failure.”

The comments come by way of a recent interview with Platinum Games director Atsushi Inaba:

The biggest failure for Platinum so far, the one that really sticks in my mind, is that port.

At the time we didn’t really know how to develop on PS3 all that well, and whether we could have done it… is irrelevant: we made the decision that we couldn’t.

But looking back on the result, and especially what ended up being released to users, I regard that as our biggest failure.

One thing I will say is that it wasn’t a failure for nothing. We learned that we needed to take responsibility for everything. So on Vanquish we developed both versions in-house.

We learned, so it wasn’t a pointless failure, but it was a failure nonetheless.

He is apparently silent as to just how Sega managed to make such a mess of things and why Platinum stood by as they did.

However, whilst agreeably honest about the affair, Platinum is unlikely to be winning over jilted fans of the series any time soon – Bayonetta 2 is a WiiU exclusive, which Platinum blames on publisher issues, something not necessarily likely to win over fans with no need of the WiiU and its superior graphical capabilities.

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    Comment by Anonymous
    23:21 26/09/2012 # ! Good (+0.5)

    WiiU exclusive? Which high flying marketing genius decided that was a good idea? Wrong market and wrong hardware entirely. Sure fire way to kill a series.

    Having seen the abnormally high production values and level of effort put into creating Bayonetta, Platinum really do deserve better than this kind of publisher inflicted bullshit.

    Comment by Anonymous
    23:36 26/09/2012 # ! Neutral (+0.3)

    Apparently Bayonetta 2 would not have happened without Nintendo. Something is always better than nothing.

    PS: Wait a couple of years and get the WiiU for $150 and Bayonetta 2 for $5

    Comment by Anonymous
    00:48 27/09/2012 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    While you're at it, the PlayStation would have never existed without Nintendo. After all, the original Play Station (spelled with the space, yes, not in CamelCase) was a partnership product between Nintendo and Sony, where Sony would provide the CD-ROM drive to Nintendo so the latter could build what it was meant to be a SNES using CDs instead of cartridges for the game media. Since Nintendo and Sony never agreed about the distribution of the profits for the product, the partnership deal was broken, which enfuriated Sony's president Norio Ohga, who then appointed Ken Kutaragi ("The Father of the PlayStation") as the responsible for the development of the PlayStation project to rival Nintendo.

    There's obviously more to this story but this is basically how Sony entered the video game market in the first place.

    Comment by Anonymous
    15:39 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    the nintendo console never would have existed without the Magnavox Odyssey, which they bought the rights for and then copied it's inner workings to create the nintendo console. So basically the Nintendo console is an American creation.

    Comment by Anonymous
    08:30 11/10/2012 # ! Neutral (+0.2)


    ...What point does that hold? When you take someone else's failures and make them your own, it's not their property at that point! I take it that when some of us anons buy some Masamune Shirow Collection, it's instantly transited--by your point of view--from Japanese to whichever nationality we are individually? Grow up, man/woman/child.

    Comment by Anonymous
    17:50 28/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)


    Three words: Color TV Game.... bitch (ok 4 words)

    Didn't have shit to do with a Magnavox. Nintendo's been making games since CARDS nigga...

    Comment by Anonymous
    20:26 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    No one gives a shit how Sony entered the gaming industry. Also all that shit is on wikipedia, stupid.

    Comment by Anonymous

    infuriated* (my bad)

    Comment by Anonymous

    What is your point?

    Avatar of jizz
    Comment by jizz
    00:43 27/09/2012 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    this guy is right, without nintendo picking up the title there would be no Bayonetta 2, Sega has legacy of failure decisions, and not supporting Bayonetta is one of them now.

    Comment by Anonymous
    03:43 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    How is it a "pos" if it's not even out yet?
    I've said the same of King of Fighters after Playmore/Eolith took over, but that was AFTER the games were out...

    If you have a time machine, give me a ride.

    Comment by Anonymous
    09:44 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Don't forget epic arcades like Virtual-On, Crazy Taxi.
    sega... is no more than another character game maker for me now.

    Comment by Anonymous
    08:27 11/10/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    I gotta say, Nintendo picking up the bill for Bayonetta 2 is really a step up for them. I honestly feel sad for people who still believe there's going to be a port, though. I'd probably see a Bayonetta 5 before I saw a port of Bayonetta 2, ha ha!

    Comment by Anonymous

    >no Shenmue 3
    >no Jet Set Radio 3
    >no Kinect/Move enabled Space Channel 5
    >no new Sega Bass/Marine Fishing titles
    >ran Sonic into the ground

    post-Dreamcast Sega is pure shit

    Comment by Anonymous

    i rather have nothing than this pos...

    Comment by Anonymous
    01:40 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    so, we must be thankful cos there is bayonetta 2 and its Wii U exclusive?no! thank you
    Its better not to happen that there is bayonetta 2

    Comment by Anonymous
    16:49 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    WTF.. Buying another console just to play this game? no, thanks sir

    Comment by Anonymous
    16:58 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    @07:57 27/09/2012 # !"It doesn't matter what system it's on, you fuckwit" two words for you FUCK YOU!! Wii U spec is sucks, Wii U design is sucks. Im not gonna spend any money in this shit. I am a fan of Bayonetta but to get another console just to play this game NO THANKS SIR,

    Comment by Anonymous
    17:55 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)


    Look at the poor guy, he's not even trying to argue anymore, he's just yelling OMG BUT IT SUCKS now. He knows he's wrong, he knows he's an idiot, so all he can do is cryyyyyyyyy because he hates nintendo soooo much.

    Comment by Anonymous
    18:07 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Nah! what is better is US playing the game while you sit and hate. That sounds to me like the best plan ever.

    Comment by Anonymous
    01:54 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)


    lol, which horrible petty asshole would rather have nobody be able to play a game, if he can't have it? WORSE, when he can actually have it, but it's on a system from a company he has some silly childish hate for? Causing him to wish nobody could get it, just for that? Grow the fuck up, you total fucking retard.

    Comment by Anonymous
    06:39 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Gamers are so fucking self-entitled. "IF I CAN'T HAVE IT NO ONE CAN!"

    Comment by Anonymous

    You're a fucking retarded piece of trash. It doesn't matter what system it's on, you fuckwit.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Nice comment. By the way, the world doesn't revolve around you. Hard to believe, I know.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Says the 12 years old child.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Who care Danm already getting butthurt by someone comment already

    Comment by Anonymous
    06:27 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    And nintendo didn't have to make it an exclusive title to try and sell a few more WiiUs. They could've made it a multi-platform release where they get their money as a publisher and everyone else isn't forced to buy a WiiU. Instead they're going to try and force people into buying their new console, which people may not even want for anything else. Here's hoping they wake the fuck up and remove the exclusivity and multi-platform release it after december.

    Avatar of DarkChaplain
    Comment by DarkChaplain
    18:01 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    I think nobody would actually be bitching if it was just a timed exclusive. But Nintendo never liked publishing for other consoles than their own...

    Comment by Anonymous

    Yeah, you fucking retard. Good idea. MICROSOFT SHOULD RELEASE HALO ON THE WIIU, TOO HURR DURR

    Comment by Anonymous
    23:48 26/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    (OP anon)
    Is that so? That sucks. I never actually even played the game, just watched my sister play it. I just hate seeing good developers suffer due to marketing hassle and publisher bullying, which we've seen in abundance in the last decade (EA games anyone?). I could tell that the game was a labour of (slightly twisted) love on the designer/dev teams part, and it's always a shame to see things go this way.

    And lol at the get a job comment. I've had 20 in the last year. Not that simple.

    Comment by Anonymous
    05:13 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    More like Sega is inept when it comes to marketing, look no further than the Dreamcast and Sega Saturn.

    Comment by Anonymous
    07:25 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    And they ran Sonic into the ground.

    Comment by Anonymous
    05:02 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    sega has no money to bankroll bayonetta, instead of gambling what they have on something that needs a hell of a marketing department behind it. nintendo funded it completely and is publishing it for their system as a launch window game, which is easily the best move for the franchise (little in its way, on a new system, and will be one of the few hard core games that is new in the launch window)

    ea eats up devs, and turns them into wiping boys, and most people on those teams with real drive once their contracts are up, move on.

    Avatar of yuriphoria
    Comment by yuriphoria
    23:35 26/09/2012 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    Nintendo must have payed through the hose to get that exclusivity.

    Comment by Anonymous
    00:01 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    However, this time Nintendo IS paying for its development. As much as I think it's a dick-move for those who played and bought Bayonetta 1, the sequel wouldn't exist without Nintendo.

    Comment by Anonymous
    00:05 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    It sounds to me that Nintendo merely paid off the director to exclaim to everyone that 'WiiU > PS3'.

    Comment by Anonymous
    18:10 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Not true, but if that was the case it worked! All I see now is butthurted-mature-wannabe sony fanboys everywhere ...and I'm loving what I see.

    Comment by Anonymous
    10:27 28/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    From what I'd heard, nintendo basically funded the game, or, like was mentioned, paid off the producer to make it. I'm curious how this will turn out....especially since nintendo prizes it's "family friendly" image.

    Comment by Anonymous
    01:55 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    wahhhhhh i hate nintendo soooo much im gonna cry wahhhhhhhhhh

    Comment by Anonymous
    23:37 26/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Xbox and PS3 didn't want the sequel on their consoles so the WiiU "saved it" by having it on their's.

    So either have it on the WiiU or have no sequel at all.

    Comment by Anonymous
    00:32 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    cry some moar, sony fanboy. considering some of the stuff announced for WEEYOO, your "wrong market" remark among other points falls rather flat.

    Comment by Anonymous
    00:29 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Wrong market?
    Wii U hasn't been even released yet, you smartass.
    It will have all kind of games, it will be the new generation's console for everyone... you don't need to buy multiple console any more, it's Japanese, while not shitty Sony.
    There will be Japanese and American games for everyone...

    Comment by Anonymous
    08:24 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    You may be right, but everyone thought the Wii was going to have great games too. That didn't happen. Don't assume it will be great before it is even released.

    Comment by Anonymous
    09:28 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    "That didn't happen."

    lol I'm not gonna make a list or anything, but seriously. We all know there was a lot of third party shovelware, but let's just not kid ourselves and ignore all the great stuff that did come out, just because of some weird, childish bias against Nintendo.

    Comment by Anonymous
    20:30 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    You must not be familiar with how 3rd party titles sell on Nintendo hardware. Any 3rd party title released on a Nintendo is released in the wrong market. And that's a fact, just look at sales figures of A-list titles like No More Heroes.

    Comment by Anonymous
    07:22 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Lots of truth there, 3rd party titles ALWAYS sell like shit on Nintendo hardware.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Sony or Microsoft butthurted fanboy detected

    Comment by Anonymous

    Lol at the angry fanboys, if you like a game just get the system it's on. complaining that your blind devotion to an arbitrary company or game console is laughable there is zero benefit to avoiding great games just because they aren't on the system of your choice. Grow up, get a job, buy the stuff you want and get over it

    Avatar of DarkChaplain
    Comment by DarkChaplain
    23:42 26/09/2012 # ! Quality (+0.8)

    Ever considered that there are people who want to play the sequel of a game on the same platform they played the first one on, and already own?

    This isn't a jump between Console generations that would require buying a new console. Why spend $350 bucks on a new platform for a single game? That'd be far more harmful fanboyism.

    Comment by Wisteria Berlitz
    00:45 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    @DarkChaplain, my thoughts exactly, maybe that guy's rich but some of us sure as hell are not

    Comment by Anonymous
    10:52 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Unfortunately you're wrong, because games like GTA franchise (at least in the West I have absolute certainty) always boosted console sales.
    Sega really earned at the time of the mega drive with Sonic ( nintendo/superfamicom rival)
    And much more in arcade games ,really began to break the company with mega drive 32bit adapter and later versions of the mega drive cd!

    Sony who started this whole exclusive games, and is still the shit :P

    Avatar of DarkChaplain
    Comment by DarkChaplain
    17:59 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    @06:45 27/09/2012

    If only it were just an "inconvenience". Paying $350 for a console that is only marginally superior to the ones people already own?

    It sucks when a game gets canned due to lack of funding, but I think buying over 6 full-priced games instead of a new console would help avoid such situations more than buying a new console for one single game.

    If you come along with "buying a Wii U just for Bayonetta saves games!", I put "buying games saves games" onto the table.

    Avatar of caiooa
    Comment by caiooa
    05:05 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge?

    Comment by Anonymous
    06:45 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Ever consider the fact that there are MANY games that don't get sequels because of lack of funding? Some of my favorite series are stuck in a limbo because of the publisher's unwillingness to go through with a sequel. Yet here I see Bayonetta fans cry because it's going to another platform. It's an inconvenience, I understand that much, but knowing that there's more to the game enjoyed that you will be able to eventually play is hell of a lot better than having nothing.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Will be a lot more good games for buying than just bayonetta. New Super mario bros is the first to come to my mind.

    Comment by Anonymous

    I love how comments that make sense like 00:06 are getting downvoted, because oh no we hate nintendo so much.

    Comment by Anonymous
    04:10 27/09/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    I don't mind playing it on the Wii U, I just don't want to have to pay for another console, so its so nice of you to pick up the tab.

    Oh your not paying for it and yet you have that opinion.

    I don't have any particular devotion I simply don't have infinite money.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Exactly. The rage over Bayonetta 2 being a Wii U exclusive is just silly. It's all a bunch of people who play video games to look cool to their friends, or want a cool video game system sitting in their entertainment center. If they actually loved the game series that much they would buy it for whatever system it was on.

    Comment by Anonymous

    And why the hell did you get downvoted? Nintendo haters are so funny.

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