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the only reason why this got too famous cos SAO have focus on romance genre while .hack series dont have it but in fighting sequence .hack still more better. SAO vs .hack PVP surely SAO is gonna lose TEAM SAO vs Kite and Haseo will wipe them out.

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  • Sword Art Online Does It Again…:
    idk about manga but, how is SAO anime an harem? and i dont see the hype in my country… So many generalized statements that fall as a fallacy…

  • Sword Art Online Does It Again…:
    if u were perceived as one of the strongest men in the world you best believe bitches are coming for your dick

  • Sword Art Online Does It Again…:
    Agree, cos SAO is are more focused on romance but LMAO making relation in MMO is shit just like one of the character stated in .hack//movie she said the reason she made a male character cos its troublesome for her to be approach by any random person.

  • Sword Art Online Does It Again…:
    Because willing suspension of disbelief can only go so far before you have to point out that Kirito is far to ‘uhmaaazzzing’ and his character isn’t a character so much as just a cutout for the plot to move for, as well as everyone taking all of this in stride when atleast some characters should be having a breakdown.

  • Sword Art Online Does It Again…:
    Perhaps Yui was originally formless, a program that she was. Then when she decided she wanted to meet our official couple, she takes on an appearance that resembles both of them, thus looking like what their biological daughter may have looked like.

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    Have you paused to consider that this may be for liberal arts and the like? Sure, there are various bullshit humanities in universities (like “women’s studies/gender studies” and “black studies”), but it’s not like every major is “cure for cancer”-worthy.

  • Kendo Club Onahole Promotes Sword Skills:
    Lol wut? Y pay for a toy when you canz rape for free and get away w/it in college campuses! <@;)


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