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Booth babes….they are the bane of the wallets of the most desperate of us gamers. Honestly, the concept of booth babes makes me feel ashamed to be a gamers sometimes, and for some reason downright pisses me off.

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  • Nene Smashing Wedding “Amounts To Bullying The Groom”:
    That was completely unnecessary. I don’t have a waifu or whatever the hell that shit is called, but this is akin to smashing the brains of your husbands ex-girlfriend with him. It’s just sick and wrong. Fucking bitch. She obviously felt threatened by the virtual chick, that’s the only reason she would make him do that…

  • Top 25 Anime Theme Songs:
    I’m mostly ok with this list.

  • Top 10 Most Memorable Anime Rivals:
    I was gonna rage if Kazuma and Ryuhou weren’t on the list.

  • China Quality Pikachu Truly Terrifying:

  • Morning Musume Maki Goto’s $1,000,000 Porno Debut:
    Anon…you are retarded….


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