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@Anon 22:12 21/09/2012

You don’t know what you’re talking about. As for the Wii U being “just a bit better”. No, that’s not the case. At all. It’s not your standard generational leap, but it’s not “barely better”. I say this as someone who’s seen 5th generation devkits.

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    You dont?

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    Usually strong emotional reactions are tied to denial. People who are not affected by it don’t really care about it. It’s like with seeing naked toddlers. Ever wondered why their depiction is not banned and you can even google search them and post them on public forums? That’s because most people do not view toddler in erotic way. Unlike children aged 7-14. Their naked depiction is banned precisely because a large group of people might find those depictions as erotic. Basically, anyone who is a …

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    Americans would do exactly the same if you tell them that it wasn’t the US nuclear bombs that won the war (and were actually unnecessary). The US helped, but Russia beat the Nazis.

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    But it is.


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