Comment on Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge Nude Ninja Action by Joshi Chugakusei:

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ayane, my favorite otome ninja! pumped to get both this and dead or alive 5.

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  • Tsukiko’s Daily Show Debut Totally Tentacular:
    I almost wanna watch this episode to see why lovely Tsukiko showed up, but then I remember “Jon Stewart” is the biggest anti-lolicon, anti-pedosexual pale white person on that side of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Comiket 84 Day 3 Cosplay Continues:
    sankaku’s “coverage” of c84 cosplay is severely lacking in photos of the cosplayers siting down so its easier for the photographers to take pictures of their pantsu. i got pictures of pretty much every cosplayer in a skirt while they were doing this lol. the attention the cosplayers get when they do this is really nice.

  • CG Loli Arrest “Japan’s First”:
    agreed. looks like tcafetra (spell it backwards) is as pale-white as always lol

  • Maid Cafe Numbers “Have Halved!”:
    Nagomi! That place is kind of smokey though lol But yeah, just being able to interact with the maids on the Akihabara streets is fun enough.

  • Lolicon Teacher Gets Off With JC & JK Sex:
    just think, for every one of these stories where someone gets “caught” and gets no punishment, there’s all those stories of sex with JK or JC (or even JS) that never surface at all. seriously, thank god for japan.


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