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How long have you been gaming? Nintendo has never had the cutting edge portable. The GameBoy brick beat tons of superior color portables and it had only one color GREEN.

Kingdom Hearts? Blame SquareEnix not Nintendo.

I never played Pokemon, so I don’t know.

Mario has been 3D since 1996 so I don’t know what you are talking about. People are liking the 2D Mario platformers because they suck. There is nothing new about “New Super Mario Bros.”. Get back to get back to us when you make Super Mario Bros. 4 is what fans want.

Why are you mentioning Sonic? He isn’t a Nintendo character.

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    except when it’s win. said rich and sexy, not rich and bich. spelled wrong on purpose.

  • Isuca Gored by Censors:
    so did they just cet eaten alive, or just in their minds?

  • Dog Days 3 Clothes Melting Mayhem:
    This is one of those seasons that has no actual story, it’s just there for fanservice and money grabs. *cough cough Maken-ki 2 cough cough* That, or the last 2-3 episodes will throw in a sudden “conflict” to make it seem dramatic. Either way WE NEED MORE. N00Ds

  • Dog Days 3 Clothes Melting Mayhem:
    Except she was shown in Episode 1 obviously wearing panties. Not to mention she’s dressed feminine in every instance she’s shown up (both this season and the last), with exception to her Earth appearances. If she’s not confirmed tranny by the end of the season (and honestly, Shinku would’ve confirmed such in S2 to begin with), then that D was just pure crap animation.

  • Top 20 Richest & Sexiest Anime Characters:


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