Comment on Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge Nude Ninja Action by Anonymous:

It’s funny that you’re so mad over nothing.
PS3 and 360 owners basically bred your so-called grown-up audience games, Mr. Nintendo-friend.

Without the HD twins, there would not have been a Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden 2, the predecessors of the games you parade with at the moment. Don’t act as if Nintendo would have let these games on their console even if the twins never existed. Wii was the kiddy console for a reason, and games like No More Heroes and Madworld flopped on the system.

The PS3 and 360 raised the market for those games and now Nintendo is monopolizing the IPs raised on their competitors consoles.

You know what’s funny, your next-gen WiiU is barely better than the HD twins, and THATS Nintendo’s next gen. If my PS3 and 360 can hold their ground fine, then go ahead and proclaim first place. I will regard the WiiU as last place among the HD consoles, 6 years late to the party.

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  • Gorgeous Goddess “So Many Seductive Outfits”:
    No need for the slideshow function for coming.

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake “Now Recruiting”:
    I did like crisis core.

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake “Now Recruiting”:
    oh well good luck with that. if they want to surpass the original FFVII they will need to stay as close as possible to the origins, especially do not alter the story! basicly only graphical improvement is allowed if they include several new minigames that should be fine. if it doesnt go that route the fans will tear them apart :3 pretty arrogant to make promisses like surpass a Legendary-class game also because you never know if a game gonna be a hit or not, the market is random

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake “Now Recruiting”:
    “we aim to surpass the original work” …Surely because they can Over budgeted project that will have a lot of publicity Most likely you’ll only like it if you like crisis core sigh.. too bad Hironobu Sakaguchi is not making RPG for pc or a platform that receive that genre better

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake “Now Recruiting”:
    They’re also the ones taking the damn project into such a completely different direction. Know what FF7 needed to be? More like FF7 and not closer to Type-0 or FFXIII-3. They’ve chosen to go with a wacky ass take on their “remake” as well as changing some of the scenes. They’re adding more work onto their plate so what the hell did they expect? It to just happen for them?


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