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Sadly Nintendo is getting a bad reputation now, with all the new sub-par consoles they keep cranking out you need in order to play some of your favorite games (Kingdom Hearts:DDD is 3DS only…) and the recent decrease in the quality/fun-factor of the titles that’ve been keeping them a-float like Pokemon, Mario, and Sonic.

I mean, the latest batch of Pokemon are HORRIBLE, they all look like Plush toys! I’ll admit they couldn’t expect people to keep collecting the same amount as the previous game plus 100 each time, but they could at least make you WANT to catch them all!

A large portion of Mario fans aren’t liking that the games have gone 3D, but enjoy Paper Mario for it classic side scrolling.

Sonic games… Are just too fast for people to react and have fun. What’s the point of being the fasting thing on 2 legs if you smash into walls all the time?

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