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Delicious Chichiko is delicious.

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  • Binbougami-ga! Light Parody Anime:
    lesbian shit and no panties lame

  • Binbougami-ga! Light Parody Anime:
    So what was this series about again?

  • Binbougami-ga! Light Parody Anime:
    There aren’t too many chapters left in the manga and i personally don’t think there’s a complete genre-shift going on. Among all the comedy spoof there are also some rther serious things happening. I don’t particularly like those myself, but i can see why the author wants to make a certain statement, every now and then. After all, this show has no clearly defined evil party (side-characters being the exception)and as such, the author feels the need to create overbearing serious situations. That …

  • Binbougami-ga! Light Parody Anime:
    but was the death note parody in the original manga? they could make the serious plot more subtile while keeping n having a certain amount of jokes and parody per episode, a bit like the seriousness hints of ebiten or haruhi and so on :)

  • Binbougami-ga! Light Parody Anime:
    you could sort of tell with her unusual twin pig-tail stail and subtly kind demeanour, but damn!

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  • Hollywood’s All You Need Is Kill “May Not Be Bad”:
    In life action remakes of anime why don’t they dye their hair to make is some what like the anime

  • Black Bullet Bloody Loli Anime:
    “21:52 – you nailed it. That’s part of the human condition. We humans have always feared what we don’t understand.” And by that do you mean it’s possible to also fear things one understands, or is fear only based on misunderstanding? You know like those people running away from Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge – were they not understanding him? Should they too have remained and added to the skull collections over there?

  • Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun Truly Foxy:
    AoT was a damn good show. But I will agree with everyone that it was way overhyped

  • No Game No Life Bouncy Bathing Anime:
    The issue isnt about the fact that the boobs jiggle or even the unnatural way that they jiggle, its that they’re jiggling for NO REASON. she’s just standing there?? this is why people think otaku are infantile and childish – don’t you guys feel insulted by shit like this in anime? I know I do, and I like fanservice as much as the next guy. But whenever someone gives me ‘that’ look for finding out I like anime (you know the one) …this is the reason why. And I understand it completely.

  • Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun Truly Foxy:
    Well, Attack on Titan IS overhyped garbage that hopefully everyone will have forgotten by next year, but this show is still shit.


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