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I have to say i quite enjoyed that actually :)

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  • Naruto Stage Play: “Cosplay Trampoline Action!?”:
    To be honest it doesn’t seem that terrible, i mean, what were people expecting for what is essentially a live action adaptation without CGI? Sadly i dont speak japanese so i can’t speak for the plays content itself, but all things considered i have seen worse from people with larger budgets :P

  • Final Fantasy XIV Enables Holy Matrimony:
    Hmmm the article text suggested it was male to female only, in that case i apologise :P

  • Final Fantasy XIV Enables Holy Matrimony:
    2014 > no same sex option Really now, this shouldn’t even be something thats missing, sure adding it in to old systems is a pain however this was built using a modern game, there is literally zero valid excuses for that being missing

  • Hoshizora Rin Sega’s New Image Girl:
    Oh right, sega is still a “thing” i forgot

  • New Ghost in the Shell Movie Due: “Pray It Is Not Arise!”:
    Well i never really had an issue with them, and to be fair considering the universe they live in and how often she body hopped anyway its not like the character design needs to be set in stone, aslong as they are still the same characters a few cosmetic differences shouldn’t really matter to fans :)


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