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I have to say i quite enjoyed that actually :)

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  • Top 20 Anime of Summer 2014, According to Sony:
    I’m not overly impressed by SAO2 as it stands, it just feels like the first with a new paintjob, i’ll keep watching it for now but unless it picks up its going on the drop list

  • Top 20 Anime Tsundere:
    Same voice actress not the same character :) Also thats your opinion and you’re entitled to it, doesn’t change the rankings :)

  • Hatsune Miku Graces Phantasy Star Online 2:
    Sometime between now and when hell freezes over, we’ve not heard anything about a western version in the last couple of years sadly, and at this point i think the game is probably considered too old to bother translating, we would be so far behind on content aswell :(

  • Hatsune Miku Graces Phantasy Star Online 2:
    Yeah, i dont quite think thats going to happen :P That would also require that it were able to connect to the server in the first place, seems like Yahoo of Japan isn’t properly following protocol and isn’t announcing any routes to the server so traffic gets null routed

  • Hatsune Miku Graces Phantasy Star Online 2:
    This is almost worth reinstalling the game for, i would have to re-download the translation patches >.<


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