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I have to say i quite enjoyed that actually :)

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  • FF14 “Failed Because Our Flowerpots Were Too Beautiful”:
    That last slide just shows that atleast someone at square-enix still has a brain, they need to put that guy in charge The current square-enix doesn’t follow 1) Never Forget The Fans or 4) Don’t Forget Your Roots, they could do with someone printing that slide out and plastering the walls of ever office with it IMO

  • SAO II “Airs July”:
    Not massively, i thought they left the first season just fine, anything else will just end up diluting the experience of the first IMO, but i end up saying that about a lot of animes that end up having a second season forced out and most of them very rarely deserve it, there are a few exceptions and i will still end up watching this but i’m not going in to it expecting the same level of feels as the first And yes i was already aware this would feature guns from a couple of months ago

  • SAO II “Airs July”:
    Swordless Art Online, not even sure how it can be called SAO without swords >.> Doesn’t even look like it has any of the original characters in unless i’m missing something

  • Nylon Pink FFX-2 Cover “Total Disaster”:
    This cover is so bad >.<

  • Finally: TERA Gets Goth Loli & Pantsu:
    Expect the western version to be extremely censored and potentially changed altogether, although some enterprising individual will no doubt update the de-censor patches :P


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