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I must agree on this, i have the feeling that my ancestors were Norwegians? XD

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  • Ghost in The Shell: Live Action Film VS Anime:
    The movie’s cast is trash; Johanson is too cute to be Kusanagi. Kusanagi isn’t cute, she may be a beauty, but not cute. Kusanagi is an stern adult, experienced military officer that has suffered a great deal since childhood due to her body, Johanson just looks like a generic pampered millennial kid. Batou, fits better but not there yet. In any case, even if everything else sucks those who watch the movie may at least enjoy the explosions, is the only thing that Hollywood will never let you down …

  • Re:Zero Finale “Anime Of The Year!”:
    Still one season to go, but ATM I had rather give my vote to Bananya than to this crap.

  • Re:Zero Finale “Anime Of The Year!”:
    Care to spoil for me, please?

  • IdolMaster Drama Winners Announced:
    What are you saying, PS isn’t unnatural.

  • Top 20 Anime That Boast The Best Battles:
    Pff, of course not. Top 20 most popular anime with long battles, sure (5 minutes for Namek to explode… 20 chapters later… 4 minutes for Namek to explode…). But best battles? no. I would put somewhere on this list Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince, although mecha battles, the action/fighting scenes were really well animated.


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