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I remember when Gamecube had the capability of allowing people to play with Gameboy Advance connected to it.

Using an additional screen to augment to the game what you are seeing on your TV/Monitor was such a fucking stupid idea, developers didn’t know what to do with it. So you’re left with FF:CrystalChronicles and maybe a Pokemon game or two using it.

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  • WiiU Launch Title Trailers Quite Impressive:
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  • WiiU Launch Title Trailers Quite Impressive:
    Dumbasses. Bayonetta IS published and funded by Nintendo. So it will be a WiiU exclusive.

  • WiiU Launch Title Trailers Quite Impressive:
    nitendo WHY U again if they try to obtain evry exclusive game, they will make the same mistake whit the n64, so again the main company games will give them some shitty but amazing and cool visual desing games like this one and take their best games on the ps3 or the kinect and this new shit ouya or whatever the name was it. this WHY U console looks the same strategy they fallowed whit the ncube and the advance since the advance was morse sucesful they try explot the conections insted of the on …

  • WiiU Launch Title Trailers Quite Impressive:
    Really ur pathetic, fuck off already.

  • WiiU Launch Title Trailers Quite Impressive:
    Dumbass these are ports, and the ports aren’t even done by the original studios. If you have seen any of the exclusive titles first hand you would know the quality is way better.

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    kiko mizuhara should be kind of muscular girl and in the latest news, Hajime Isayama said that armin is a girl… and there are more Japanese name than in the manga and anime, I wonder if they live in different district well, I assume since there’s no 4 other titans beside eren, then the enemy would be normal 15 meter class titans

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    Good riddance. You(and those who think like you) won’t be missed.

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    good, she can restrain herself not to remove those clothing

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    No, I’m fine with firearms (although if they can reach and destroy the human host successfully enough to be effective at all is up to debate, given how deep the have to cut into the titans neck), I’m just going nuts about the ax and bows. There’s NO WAY those can work.

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    But if somebody dies between 2015 and 2016 he or she can never watch second season,maybe they should hurry and make it sooner.


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