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This was the best episode so far. Action, betrayal, and love. This episode was definitely top quality in my book.

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  • Sword Art Online Cyber-Sex Anime:
    Yet another member of the “everything should be either completely chaste and innocent or hardcore pornography” club.

  • Sword Art Online Cyber-Sex Anime:
    The baby is Yui. Idiots.

  • Sword Art Online Cyber-Sex Anime:
    She did, but HE was still fully dressed. I’m still not convinced they did anything more than exactly what he said he was going to do. Sleep OVER not sleep WITH. Watch the episode. There’s a reason she reacted as she did, and there was absolutely no implication that they slept together. Heck, for all we know she was still wearing her bra under that, since the bed covers hid everything.

  • Sword Art Online Cyber-Sex Anime:
    Umm where is that quote from and if so post a link to it please!

  • Sword Art Online Cyber-Sex Anime:
    Ya dumbass your comment is just that stupid where I had to comment in your degree of stupidity.

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    because they’re bangable


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