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I know, right ?
“Anything by Key!” was a great show, it should be way higher on that list.

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  • Top 25 Anime All Anime Fans Should Know:
    Fails for absence of: 1) Tetsuwan Atom (Astroboy). Tezuka’s masterpiece. Re-imagined twice. Both brilliantly. 2) Space Battleship Yamato (Star Blazers). As popular in Japan as Star Trek is in the US and currently having its original series completely remade 40 years on, and brilliantly so. Three TV seasons and five movies from 1974 to 1983, and more recently an animated continuation movie (Resurrection, 2009) a live-action movie (2010), and now the aforementioned remake of the original series …

  • Top 25 Anime All Anime Fans Should Know:
    lol mate, don’t hate the anime, hate the post and the person compiling it.

  • Top 25 Anime All Anime Fans Should Know:
    Bullshit. What kind of idiot doesn’t include Fullmetal Alchemist or Cowboy Bebop on a list like this?! And how the fuck is K-ON! more of a must watch than Evangelion, Dragon Ball, Gundam and Code Geass?! Idiots!

  • Top 25 Anime All Anime Fans Should Know:
    What a bullshit list, I’d add Fist of the North Star, Akagi, Golgo 13, Crest of the Stars trilogy, Martian Successor Nadesico and Trigun just to name a few.

  • Top 25 Anime All Anime Fans Should Know:
    Yeah where is yugioh that shows popular as hell

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  • Psycho-Pass Dominator Replica Deadly Accurate:
    Your mom opens up for penetration mode for me every night. :)

  • Terra Formars: “Most Brutal Anime This Season”:
    -Hating on the fact that it’s goreporn is kinda meaningless, considering half of the other crowd bitches about the censoring. I don’t enjoy goreporn but I don’t hate on it either, if the majority of modern animes rely on boobs and lollies to sell, I don’t see why a goreporn would be a problem. -How is the plot ridiculous? It’s unrealistic, yes, but its a scifi and it operates quite well on scifi standards. The author at least tried to do some researches before writing this story, once again I …

  • Psycho-Pass Dominator Replica Deadly Accurate:
    Yeah well and good but does it open for the Eliminator mode?

  • Sword Art Online 2 Quite Crazed:
    “Of course I told you I’m going to call the police and handle them, but by some dumb chance I still show up to save you just right in time before the rapey one-dimensional antagonist rapes you, exactly the same way I dealt with Oberon last season” Because Stu just gotta be Stu.

  • Welfare Queen Busted for Blackmailing Schoolboy Prostitute:
    Why didn’t something like this happen to me? :( Oh, right, because I am an ugly piece of shit.


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