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Schoolgirl Bagger “Was Lolicon Precure Otaku”


The man who attempted to bag a 12-year-old girl and make off with her in a taxi has been denounced by the media as a creepy lolicon Precure otaku, with psychologists immediately blaming anime and manga and the media calling for yet more anime censorship.

The 20-year-old student plucked a 150cm tall 12-year-old off the street and forced her into his bag with a fruit knife, taping her hands, but after putting the bag in the trunk of a taxi her cries of “let me out!” aroused the suspicions of the driver, who had previously thought the bag might contain a dog or other unusual contents.


The man immediately asked to be let off the taxi, but the driver – a prefectural boxing champion – grabbed him as he ran off and held him in the back seat, asking a passer-by to call the police.

The girl was unharmed, and police promptly arrested her kidnapper at the scene.

His motivations for attempting to kidnap the girl are still not entirely clear (although they seem obvious enough), and he only says “my circle activities were not going well so I resolved to assault a little girl out of desperation.” He concedes he did have lascivious intent towards the girl.

According to acquaintances at his university art club, “He didn’t come much. He really loved Precure, and often went to Akiba maid cafes, he said.”

Police have so far only managed to turn up “commercial DVDs with scantily clad girls on the covers” from searches of his home and computer, although this seems to be enough proof of his deviance for the media to immediately launch into demands for a new wave of censorship.

The authorities and media have been quick to pin the blame on the evils of anime and manga – one psychologist with no familiarity with the suspect theorises wildly that:

“That he did not act on his urges at the scene and instead attempted to take her home is an indication that he viewed the little girl merely as an ‘object.’

He was acting to fulfill his desires without regard to social norms. Such patterns of thought are normally related to childhood development issues.

There are cases were pedophile games and manga stimulate the desires of such people, and cause them to be unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality, leading to such incidents.”

Online there is some suspicion about the way the case is being handled by the media, although few can deny the creepiness of Precure fans:

“He was a total lolicon, wasn’t he?”

“Here we go – anime was at fault, otaku are to blame!”

“As usual there are all manner of experts on hand who are desperate to blame this on manga and anime…”

“You lolicon are desperate to defend him, aren’t you! Ban that filth immediately.”

“The problem here appears to be his 3D interests, not his 2D ones…”

“Well done to the taxi driver!”

“Stick to watching Precure, freaks.”

“Precure viewers are the ones you should be worried about, not the ones who just watch late night anime.”


“The media have been showing a high school graduation essay of his – they blurred it out, but you can tell he actually had a Korean surname at that time. I thought this was just more fabrication from the right-wingers, but it seems to be true…”

“More lies from the right-wingers!”

“Why did they mosaic out his surname in that report when they have been reporting his ‘real’ name constantly everywhere else?”

“You can see he had a single character surname clearly, so he was almost certainly an ethnic Korean who took a Japanese alias. And why else would they mosaic it?”

“So the mass media gloss over the fact he was one of their beloved Koreans and instead use it as an opportunity to bash otaku.”

“I suspect the media just did anything they could to get the guy to call him an anime fan… a Precure-loving maid cafe goer is like the ultimate otaku stereotype the media loves to bash.”

“Sounds like they are trying to make him out as an otaku to bury the fact he was a Korean.”

“Creepy otaku are as bad as those filthy Koreans.”

“I doubt he was a Korean, the media wouldn’t bash a Korean criminal so heavily.”

“It’s a bit hard to call anyone a lolicon when they are only 20.”

“Ban Precure.”

“Don’t blame Precure, blame all the old guys who insist on watching it.”

“Precure is actually quite good though… even without the characters it’s quite entertaining and the animation is not bad.”

“He didn’t even have his own car – men really are useless without their own car…”

“I think AKB fans are far more likely to display extremes of criminality.”

“Honestly, loli, maids and 2D – all these involve fantasy or partners of inferior status, it’s laughable when men who like these start spouting off about women being bitches or sluts.”

“Precure = it’s an anime for little girls with very little loli content

Maid cafes = ugly girls 2D lovers wouldn’t give a second glance to working as cosplay prostitutes

These are both really on the fringes of 2D culture. It’d have to be Ichigo Marshmallow or something for their criticisms to be valid.”

“You’d think these cases occurred every day from the hysteria the media drums up, but there’s only one case a year or so.”

“They didn’t even get any 2D stuff in the search, what a pity for the media.”

“Suite Precure vs Suite Onacure:”


“Blame lolicon, not games and manga!”

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