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  • 12-Year-Old Girl in Suicide: “I Hadn’t Finished My Homework”:
    This is why we can’t have nice things…

  • 12-Year-Old Girl in Suicide: “I Hadn’t Finished My Homework”:
    I’m not so sure this was even an attempted suicide. 7 meters isn’t exactly “suicide height”. That’s more like “break your leg so you don’t have to go to school height”.

  • 12-Year-Old Girl in Suicide: “I Hadn’t Finished My Homework”:
    You got rewards for good grades? Lucky. I got punished (sometimes mental abuse, sometimes physical – but never anything that would leave too many marks because they didn’t want the government to get involved) if I didn’t get great grades. If I got so good grades I got one or two questions wrong on a test (the kind of test that would have 20+ points), that meant I got punished too, just not physically. After all, if I got so close to getting all the points, that meant I just needed to have …

  • 12-Year-Old Girl in Suicide: “I Hadn’t Finished My Homework”:
    Suicide is cowardly most of the time. Doesn’t mean it can’t make sense though. If someone’s in a lot of (emotional or physical) pain and see no end to it, sometimes it’s better (for the individual) to end it. Most of the time it is the worse option they could have taken when considering their friends and family as well in the equation.

  • 12-Year-Old Girl in Suicide: “I Hadn’t Finished My Homework”:
    Yeah. I’ve sort of been in her shoes, only I was lucky and my busy workaholic perfectionist parents didn’t have the patience to notice that there was homework to inspect and punish me for not doing perfectly the first time I did it, if they didn’t see me doing any. Which lead to me ceasing to do almost all homework after a few years of school. Fucked me over royally, especially since some of the trauma of having someone be in the same room as me was still present when I was in university, …

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