Yuru Yuri Akaza Akarin Nendoroid


Goddess of yuriblobs Akaza Akari is so incredibly popular that she will be made into a Nendoroid in time for December 2012, looking to be the cutest in some time.


Akazin is available for pre-orders now.


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    Busty Alleyne Ero-Figure
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    Daishuki Hold Parody Onahole
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    Busty Alleyne Ero-Figure
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  • Nessiah on April 18, 2015 22:54
    Busty Alleyne Ero-Figure
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  • Nessiah on April 18, 2015 22:47
    Busty Alleyne Ero-Figure
  • Her face looks slightly different, yet I think it is not a real problem. Very nice and sexy figure! :)... More