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Please kill it with fire. This has gone on for long enough.

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  • Ushijima Iiniku’s Porno Debut – “You Guessed It!”:
    Their loss; i would have paid good money to see her in a hardcore porno after the years of sexy pictures she’s teased us all with. XD

  • Cross Ange Finale Bares All:
    Gundam Reconquista? The characters in that show were so stupid in the first several episodes that I just dropped it.

  • Cross Ange Finale Bares All:
    As freaking ridiculous as the story is, it’s still a lot more interesting to watch than most of the other stuff we get every season. I would argue that this show even had a better final battle and ending than the other mecha-show that just finished, Aldnoah Zero.

  • Kantai Collection Raging Battle Climax:
    Who watches something they don’t like for an entire season? Probably people who just want excuses to bitch about something.

  • Kantai Collection Raging Battle Climax:
    That wasn’t Kisaragi, that was an existing Abyssal-type.(an Airfield-Hime that later turned into a Midway-Hime) But, if the writers felt like solidifying the Abyssals’ lore, they could bring Kisaragi back in season 2 as a brand new type of Abyssal.


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