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Lala’s on the full list, at 28th place. Still, I agree, it’s very disappointing that one of her loli sisters manages to outrank her. I blame this on how little of an impact she’s been making in the Darkness manga…. it’s sad, really. She was unquestionably the main heroine of the first series, and still my personal favorite, but nowadays, she’s lucky to get so much as a one-panel cameo each chapter (most of which she owes only to the fact that she’s still a resident in the protagonist’s home). T_T

At any rate, this entire list is pretty fucked up. Nodoka’s too low, and you’d think this list is further evidence of otaku having short-term memory, yet entries 26-50 on the full list manages to include seemingly random years-old series (albeit some good ones) such as Myself;Yourself, Loveless, Air Gear, Tenjou Tenge, and Onegai Teacher (though somehow, School Days’ Katsura Kotonoha is still excluded). On the upside, it’s nice to see Himeji, Popura, Seitokai’s Aria and Medaka score a reasonably decent spot. Also Riko, since she (and Shirayuki, who didn’t make the full list) were probably the only good things about Hidan no Aria.

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