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Maybe it is just the art style. Let’s just be happy that it is Mio on there instead of Azunyan.

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  • Terra Formars OVA Quite Gruesome:
    return to the sea, landwhale

  • Free! Eternally Youthful:
    I don’t like yaoi but variety is nice. Do you really want more k-on clones?

  • Free! Eternally Youthful:
    This is really important, I think. All the female reactions to this episode so far that I’ve seen are along the lines of ‘Makoto would make a great dad’ or ‘I would love a husband like Makoto who is so good with kids’. (well, that and the excitement over that new pink-haired guy, but he’s irrelevant to the current discussion). The only ‘pedo’/'shota’ comments I have seen so far have all been from men. Its like the first thing you think of when you see children or something. Basically, it’s all …

  • Free! Eternally Youthful:
    yaoi= gay romance between two males shota= gay romance with underage boys this episode= kyoani showing fangirls that this character is prime husbando material because look how good he is with kids, and he is a calm and sensible swimming teacher. Note how nothing in ‘this episode’ has anything to do with yaoi or shota. Kyoani know exactly what they’re doing, its the same thing they do with their female characters. They want to market them to their audience as waifus. They’re doing the same with …

  • Free! Eternally Youthful:
    There were several lolis in the swimming class. I know you guys like to make blanket statements about stuff you’ve never even watched but seriously just glancing at the screenshots would tell you that there are little girls, unless you think those are also boys wearing girls swimsuits.


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