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It’s very peculiar that there are no Ikki Tousen or Queen’s Blade characters. I am disappointed, but not outraged. Saeko, Seraphim, and Kanzaki pretty much compensates that for me. Now if only Raika Oda made the chart…

As a To Love-Ru fan, I am very pleased to see two characters making the chart, although I was hoping Lala Satalin Deviluke would make it instead of Momo. Don’t get me wrong, Momo is an outstanding/necessary character, but her breast size isn’t what I would consider huge. It just seems larger than it really is due to it being larger than Nana’s. Oh well, To Love-Ru is great. All the shows on this chart are great. Even shows that aren’t on this chart are also great.

There is no room for any of us to actually be hating each other or other anime series. There are far too many anti-anime people out there for us to be turning on one another.

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