“Not Again”: Hikikomori Murders Mother


Yet another hikikomori has stabbed to death his mother, in this case “for not being kind enough” after he resolved to stop being a hermit.

The 16-year-old unemployed Sendai prefecture boy attacked his 43-year-old mother at 2AM in their family home, stabbing her over 10 times, causing her to bleed to death soon after.


The boy was living together with his mother and her parents, and disappeared shortly after the killing only to reappear a day later at a convenience store 3km away, still bloody from the deed, where he asked staff to call police to pick him up.

Fearing discovery by his grandparents, he had been attempting to flee on foot without being seen only to end up hiding on top of a supermarket, apparently having rapidly discovered how difficult maintaining total seclusion was without a submissive parent to dote on him.

As well as being a NEET he also seems to have been a RHINO:

“I haven’t been to school since I enrolled at middle school. It got so I couldn’t even leave the house to go shopping, but despite my wanting to break out of this my mother wouldn’t look after me kindly and we got into arguments.

After watching the news we got into an argument about things and I stabbed her.”

Police think he was bitter about what he thought was a lack of concern for his efforts to cease being a recluse.

He has been arrested and charged with murder.



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