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That was a terrible idea for a chapter especially when there are simpler solutions than that convoluted and idiotic idea. He could have been made invisible, turned into a little kid and followed her around, turning him into that however was just careless and stupid. Momo pretty much pulled a Lala moment there and its not like her to do that.

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  • Sin Nanatsu no Taizai Licks Amorously:
    Funny you should mention all of those series… they all share the same character designer.

  • Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash “Sonico at Last!”:
    Enjoy your equality. Women have a lot more to take in the name of equality

  • Top 10 Jump Characters Who’d Make the Worst Friends:
    uh.. Gohan died in the Buu arc, when Buu blew up the planet. Krillin died 3 times. Once by Tambourine, then Freeza, then Buu. Goku has only died twice.

  • Top 10 Jump Characters Who’d Make the Worst Friends:
    To be fair, the world/universe they live in is a pretty dangerous place. It’s not exactly goku’s fault. Although he’s quite “simplistic”, at least he’s good enough of a friend to value wishing his friend’s back with the dragonball instead of more selfish ones like wealth, immortality or panties.

  • Top 10 Jump Characters Who’d Make the Worst Friends:
    Not really, just a very protective friend. He’d still make a bad friend though because in today’s society, rules and laws make our lives easier and/or better and Luffy would always be challenging those probably ending up in jail. He’s also quite dumb. Without any special powers and superhuman strength, he’d always be in trouble and would drag you down with him instead of him saving your ass.


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