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It’s not really as racist as it seems.
1. Sounds like the cafe is in a good area that you have to go through a bad area to get to.
2. The maids aren’t crack-the-mirror ugly, but some of them are a bit on the chunky side & won’t be winning any beauty contests.
3. Now this part seems racist — the maids are black. The difference of course is that black women in general are no longer pigeonholed into being maids or nothing at all as was once the case in the U.S. However, seeing black girls dressed up like maids & acting servile apparently stirs up history class lessons among people who’ve never experienced the real thing.

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  • Detroit Maid Cafe Stuns Japanese:
    Fatties: More cushion for the pushin’!!!

  • Detroit Maid Cafe Stuns Japanese:
    If the maids are young, svelte, and pretty, the male customers might molest them. They’re only trying to imitate Japan a little.

  • Detroit Maid Cafe Stuns Japanese:
    Yessum… Ah mean nossum… Oh lordy!!! Don’ whup me massah!! Don’ whup me!!! I’sa good maid!!! Oh lordy!!! Help! Help!

  • Detroit Maid Cafe Stuns Japanese:
    With any luck, a riot started by some incident with police will take place nearby and lead to the destruction of this establishment. Now I know how the Zentraedi felt in the Macross story when they first heard Minmay sing & saw males in the same space with females. I have a similar queasy feeling in my stomach right about now.

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