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When I open up my maid cafe, I’m importing authentic Japanese cosplayers.

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  • Discovery Miharu Usa Endlessly Desirable:
    During intercourse does she scream Fuck USA!Fuck USA!Fuck USA!??????

  • Top 20 Anime Deserving of a Second Season:
    **Overlord** **High School of the Dead** **Terra Formars** Oooo look who got a second season!!!!!

  • Top 20 Anime That Boast The Best Battles:
    Girls und Panzer felt like Initial D with tanks and the SFW just added a sports element to it. My R-rating fight scene winner is Hunter x Hunter, where the malicious intent of the fighters would definitely make any “do not kill” superhero like Daredevil stay the hell out of Hell’s Kitchen.

  • Top 10 Most Satisfying Winter 2016 Anime:
    Episode 147 of Naruto and episode 155 of Gintama, I can afford to miss an anime season or two.

  • Gainax Selling Tomatoes: “Why?”:
    I’m sure this is just a morale booster for employees, like casual Fridays, its also great for old people because it gets them out of the house and into the sunlight and otaku have very similar traits to old people.


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